Friday 2 October 2015

Report on 35th Colonial Subscription Ball, Maitland August 2015

The Bush Music Club holds its Subscription Ball in August each year. For many years this has been held at Maitland Town Hall, however, this year the Maitland Town Hall is unavailable for several months due to renovations and we have found a new location for the ball not far away. The Therry Centre has a large dance hall with a good wooden floor, stage and large carpeted foyer for supper. It is next to St Joseph’s Church, East Maitland with the entrance to the combined site on King Street.


Coalbrook Band - photo supplied by Catherine Strutt

Report from Stuart Hunt

What a fantastic night of dancing, not that I expected anything less. Although this may have been my first time at to the Maitland Ball it is not my first Ball. After returning to dancing almost two years ago, I have been to several Balls now. Although I went to the Pennant Hill workshop practices last year, I did not feel confident to attend the Maitland Ball.

photo supplied by Catherine Strutt
So what has changed to boost my confidence? Foremost, I am lucky to have an exceptional and very encouraging dance partner. Also, since then I have been to two Parramatta Balls, the National in Canberra, Bundanoon, Flannel Flower Ball and lots of workshops plus the Gosford and Concord rehearsals. 

photo supplied by Catherine Strutt

On the night the dancing was, as expected, of high standard. Not sure if I meet the standard for all the dances but I did enjoy myself. The catering was excellent and I also loved the punch and the scones with jam and cream a little too much.

 photo supplied by Catherine Strutt

Coalbrook were celebrating their
40th anniversary and must be one of the best bands I’ve heard. Their musicianship was outstanding, their timing superb and the explanation sheet of the Music performed will be a treasure to keep!

photo supplied by Catherine Strutt

Big thanks to my host Richard Fox for overnight stay …..

photo supplied by Bob McInnis

Then, the dancing and company of what I now consider friends, continued at the ‘recovery picnic’! The weather was beautiful it was another great experience. Thanks to Angus and team for the lovely lunch and Arthur for calling the dancing.

Don Richmond - photo supplied by Bob McInnis

I must congratulate all the organisers, especially Julia, for a job well done. 


Anthony Simon - photo supplied by Bob McInnis

Guess I have the bug as I’m off to Canberra this weekend, have tickets for Kangaroo Valley and plan to go the Flannel Flower Ball in Gosford again this year!

Elizabeth & Ian -  photo supplied by Bob McInnis

Antonella & Colin - photo supplied by Bob McInnis

Jen & Cath - photo supplied by Bob McInnis

Ros & friend - photo supplied by Bob McInnis
Neil Hardy & Julie - photo supplied by Bob McInnis

4 photos supplied by Mike Young


photo supplied by Arthur Kingsland


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