Friday 26 February 2016

BMC & some members gigs @ 2016 National Folk Festival


Concert Party

Saturday Night Carnival - Carnival Stage, 5-6pm  Songs of Reedy River  - all singers

Songs of Reedy River, Turning Wave Festival  2015

Waltz-a-thon Part 2,  The Terrace, Sunday, 7-9pm, all musicians welcome

Waltz-a-thon part 1, NFF 2015


Saplings Bush Music workshops for musicians aged 8-16

4 workshops @ Billy Moran tent, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday - 11.30 to 12.30

Saplings workshop, NFF 2015

Performance - Central Park - Monday - 3.30 to 4pm.

Saplings concert, NFF 2015

A joint BMC/Dennis & Mem Taberner project.

Chris Woodland & Dennis & Mem team up to present the Dennis O’Keeffe Memorial Australian Song Session.

Join this good old Aussie song session carrying on the work of the late Dennis O’Keeffe. Bring along an Aussie song — new or old — and rip into it.

Session Bar - Daily - 12.30 to 2.30

Dennis O'Keeffe, Dennis Taberner, Mem Taberner & Chris Woodland, 2012 NFF
(Sandra Nixon photo)


A selection of member's gigs

If I've missed anyone's gig, please contact me & I'll add it.

Thursday night - welcome dance with Snake Gully

Friday night - Scottish dancing with Chris Duncan, Catherine Strutt & Jennifer Strutt - callers Anthony & Lisa Simon

website photo


Chloe & Jason Roweth

Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival, 2015


Lunchtime Concert Col Hardy at the NLA

(Chloe & Jason Roweth will be backing Col Hardy)


11am – 12pm – Col Hardy - Trocadero

2pm-3pm – Songs and Poems of John Dengate - Trocadero

4pm-5pm – Rolling Wave Suite – Spiegel Tent


3pm-4:30pm – Bush Traditions – The Lyric

6pm-6:50pm – C & J Band Concert – The Flute and Fiddle


2pm – 2:30pm – C & J Band Concert – Budawang (Centre)

4pm-5pm – Rolling Wave Suite – Spiegel Tent


2:30pm-3:50pm – Route 66 - Trocadero
5pm – 5:50pm – C & J Band Concert - Scrumpy

Roaring Forties

Illawarra Folk Festival, 2016

Thursday 24th March from 7.30–10pm in the Bohemia Bar. The Roaring Forties are hosting a Welcome Singing Session. We’ll be encouraging people to come along and lead their favourite chorus songs and to make the rafters ring with the harmonies.

Friday 25th March from 10-11 in the Trocadero. Songs and poems of C. Fox Smith in a presentation called: "Shellback Sheila".

Saturday 26th March from 11.20am - 12.20pm in the Spiegel Zeit. This time the Forties have a workshop called "The Song Goes On" - chorus songs about songs – and we want everyone to join in.

Saturday night from 9.30pm in the Terrace – The Forties are hosting the singing session – everyone welcome to come and lead songs.

Monday 27th March from 10.50am – 11.30am in the Scrumpy Bar - concert spot
Something else you’re sure to enjoy!

Sunday 27th March from 1.30pm - 2.30pm  in the Trocadero - Margaret (from the RFs) will be joining Danny and Gael Spooner and Duncan Brown singing songs of the Watersons. Lots more rafter-raising!


Arthur Kingsland + Coalbrook

Coalbrook, 2015, Arthur Kingsland photo

Saturday 12.20 - 2.20  Coorong, Dancer's dance


Festival Bush O
rchestra with Dave Johnson  
Illawarra Folk Festival, 2015

There are four rehearsals where you can learn and polish a number of Australian tunes. Copies of parts will be available at rehearsals. A commitment to all sessions is desirable to achieve a satisfying standard for a final performance.

Dave de Santi

Dave - NFF15

Saturday - 5.30 to 7, Billy Moran tent   Good tunes session
Sunday -
5.30 to 7, Billy Moran tent   Good tunes session


Irish dancing with Margaret & Bill Winnett

NFF 2015

Piazza - Friday, 11-11.30

Piazza - Saturday, 11-11.30
Piazza - Sunday, 11-11.30
Piazza - Monday, 11-11.30


Photos - Sandra Nixon except where indicated


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