Wednesday 3 February 2016

John Dengate, Australian Son - slideshow, Cobargo Folk Festival, February 2014

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This memorial concert will feature reminiscences and songs of our popular, but lately departed National Treasure, John Dengate. John’s charismatic personality and unique works will be brought to life by his wife Dale, friends Chris Woodland, Seamus Gill, Bob Hart, poet Vic Jefferies, Jane Scott and members of the Bush Music Club - celebrating their 60th anniversary this year - of which John was a Life Member.

Photos from the Memorial Concert

1. John at the 2012 launch of his 3rd book Songs, Poems, Satire and Shouts all the Way, (Chris Woodland)

2. Scan of AISO, by John (BMC archives)


3. John's last visit to The Loaded Dog, May 2013 (Sandra Nixon photo)
4. John & Jason Roweth at the Loaded Dog, May 2012  (Sandra Nixon photo)
5. Order form for Follies of Pollies, 1997 

 6. Follies of Pollies cover with John's iconic signature

 7. Drawing of John by Martin Pearson

 8. Singabout night at BMC, c1975 - Eric Bolton (banjo), Jamie Carlin (concertina), Frank Maher (lagerphone), back - Barry (banjo), Ken Greenhalgh (flute), Brian Loughlin (2nd lagerphone), Graham McDonald (mandolin), John (whistle)  (Bob Bolton photo)

9. page from Singabout, 6(1), 1966

10. John's parent in 1982 at the launch of My Shout (Bob Bolton photo)
11. John on guitar, 1971 (Bob Bolton photo)

12. John at the Loaded Dog, 1993 (Bob Bolton photo)

13. Dale & John, 1983 (Bob Bolton photo)

14. John @ The Loaded Dog, 2010 (Bob Bolton photo)

15 - John at Carcoar Festival, 1971 (Bob Bolton photo)

16. Launch of My Shout, 1982 National Folk Festival, Sydney, John & MC Dave Johnson (Bob Bolton photo)

Launch of My Shout, 1982 National Folk Festival, Sydney, John & MC Dave Johnson (Bob Bolton photo)

18. cover of 2012 reprint of My Shout

19. Cover of John's 3rd book,
Songs, Poems, Satire and Shouts all the Way, 2012

20. Display of photos at 2012 launch (Sandra Nixon photo)

21. Poster from LP made with Denis Kavans

22. 2012 book launch (Sandra Nixon photo)

23. Chris Woodland & John, 2012 book launch (Sandra Nixon photo)

24. John with his sons Sean & Lachlan at Kit's 99th birthday, 2013, shortly before his death (Dale Dengate photo)

25. Kit & John at her 99th birthday, (Dale Dengate photo)

26. Kit with her Great-grandchildren, Cal & Roisin
(Dale Dengate photo)

27. Kit, John & Dale, 
(Dale Dengate photo)

28. Ann Maher, John, Dale, Ronda Carlin. Given the bare feet possibly another picnic day, may be Jibbon Beach? (Maher collection)

29. Members busking at Gulgong, late 1960s. John with guitar, Dale (dark hair) seated on step  (Maher collection)

30. Sharyn Mattern & John, February 2012, (Sharyn Mattern selfie)

31. Chris Woodland, John & Dale, February 2012 (Sandra Nixon photo)

32. John & Chris Woodland, February 2012 (Sandra Nixon photo)
33. Reunion of early members, friends since the 60s - Frank & Ann Maher, John & Dale, Chris & Virginia Woodland, George & Barbara Gibbons, February 2012   (Sandra Nixon photo)

34. Always the sportsman, John Dengate the morning following his & Dale's 40th wedding anniversary, Gulgong, 21.8.2004, (Chris Woodland photo)

35. 'Cardinal' Dengate relaxing, Shamrock in the Bush, Galgong, 2009 (Chris Woodland photo)

36. John & Eureka Flag at Eureka 150 years celebration, 2004 (Chris Woodland photo)
37. John at The Loaded Dog, 2000 (Bob Bolton photo)

38. BMC float at Carcoar Festival parade, 1971 - Ann & Frank Maher standing, John with guitar
seated in centre (Bob Bolton photo)

39. John & Bob Campbell, Loaded Dog 2011 (Bob Bolton photo)

40. Alan Scott, Keith McKenry & John at Jamberoo Folk Festival, 1991 (Bob Bolton photo)

41. The parrot, Kiama? festival, March 1999  (Bob Bolton photo)

42. what the parrot was ignoring, Kiama? Festival, March 1999 (Bob Bolton photo)

43. John at Kiama, 2009 (Bob Bolton photo)

44. John, April 2006, National Folk Festival    (Bob Bolton photo)

45. John at Gulgong Folk Festival, 2004  (Bob Bolton photo)

46. John judging the Poetry competition, BMC's 50th Anniversary concert, 2004 (MikeYoung photo) 

47. John judging the Poetry competition, BMC's 50th Anniversary concert, 2004 (Mike Young photo)

48. Drawing by John flanked by drawings by Martin Pearson on the bar, Illawarra Folk Festival 2008 (Mike Young photo)

49. photo taken 2004 (Mike Young photo)
50. Keith McKenry & John, National Folk Festival, 2003 (Mike Young photo)


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