Tuesday 9 May 2017

Our banners

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BMC has used a number of banners over the years.

A recent contribution from Alex & Annette Hood - a picnic from the earliest days of the Club (emails & phone calls, February 2022)  

Sketch by Jamie Carlin of banner made by him & used in the 60s. BMC is known to have participated in the 1956, 1957, 1958, 1967, 1968 & 1969 Waratah Festivals.
Waratah Spring Festivals were held between 1956 & 1973    (Jamie Carlin collection)

clipping from Women's Day, Oct 6, 1969 - (Eileen Thornhill collection)

Dale Dengate made our first banner in 1968 for use at the Tuena Festival (BMC archives)

1968 banner with 1969 sash & 1971 Crabben Cullen Sapphire Safari pennant (BMC archives)

Unmounted felt pennant that never made it on to our first banner. (Given to BMC archives by Dale Dengate 2014)

 Alex Bowker at a Singabout night at BWIU Building, between 1971 & 1980 when BMC stopped using BMIU hall (BMC Archives)

Banner at a performance of Rousebouts -
source -
The Rouseabouts the rattling good bush band - interview with Ray Grieve

Bush Music Festival banner 1986   (BMC archives)

Chris Kempster on stage at the Hut,
1980s (BMC archives)

Parramatta Heritage Week Parade, 29th October 1988 - other photos  here

Heritage Ball, c.1980s  (BMC archives)

Unsuccessful appeal in Mulga Wire no. 102, June 1994 for a new banner.

Dale Dengate's design for banner, 2012  (BMC Archives)

 Banner created by Dale Dengate in 2012, & backed & quilted by Sandra Nixon
(Wayne Richmond photo)  

Bob Bolton, 60th Anniversary concert (Sandra Nixon photo)

Pull-up banner

BMC's latest banner, 2017  
(Sandra Nixon photo)

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