Saturday 14 April 2018

Review of Danny Spooner's final album - Home

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In January 1956 when the 15-month old Bush Music Club released the first issue of Singabout, the Journal of Australian Folksong, the editorial stated BMC's aims ... to popularise Australian folk song, and to encourage the composition of a new kind of song - one that is traditional in style but contemporary in theme.

The 14 songs on this CD are a perfect illustration of this aim - a swag of traditional songs, including 5 collected by BMC's founder John Meredith - The Backblocks Shearer/Widgegoera Joe, Union Boy, Another Fall of Rain, Shearers Dream & Sally Sloane's The Wee One and songs from modern master songwriters Eric Bogle (Home after which the CD is named, & The Gift of Years), John Warner (Miner's Washing), Hugh McDonald (Diamantina Drover), NZ's Peter Cape (The Cullers Lament), Ann Infante (Hanging on for the rain) and others.

Danny learnt One of the Has Beens from Jim Buchannan, a member of the Victorian Folk Music Club (founded in 1959 as Victorian Bush Music Club) & a frequent visitor to BMC in Sydney. It was also a song Duke Tritton used to sing!
The whole album is a treat & I can't say what is my favourite track, they are all excellent.
Copies are available from Gael Shannon, cost $30 posted. Email her for bank details so she can send it to you.

Sandra Nixon

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