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Festival of Folklife in the 1981 Festival of Sydney

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The Festival of Sydney celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Commonwealth of Australia with a birthday party like no other. The day-time celebrations in Hyde Park included brass bands, folk groups and a range of free outdoor entertainment.
The Australiana theme continued with a new venture for the Festival; Australian Cinema: The New Generation. Across a week, this presentation of the latest independent films from Australia’s newest generation of filmmakers saw cinema take a stronger position in the Festival line-up, alongside the usual strands of theatre, dance and music.

MUSIC, included the Festival of Folklife as well as classical & other styles.
Other events which were part of the Festival - THEATRE,  CABARET,  CIRCUS, ART, CELEBRATIONS,  FILM,  MAGIC, POETRY, and SPORT, 

(BMC Archives)

The Festival Of Folklife: Back To The Bush
Dave de Hugard, the Colonial Dancers, Alec Richards, Joe Weatherby, Walter McLaughlan, Higgins Municipal Band, Alex Hood

The Festival Of Folklife: Beat Your Breasts
The Ovarian Sisters, Mary Jane Carpenter, Maree Cunnington

The Festival Of Folklife: Bush Dance
Rum Culls Bush Band, Higgins Municipal Band, Sendeka Music

The Festival Of Folklife: Family Concert
Mike and Michelle Jackson, Marcus Turner, Bernard Bolan, Rum Culls Bush Band, Sedenka

The Festival Of Folklife
Gove Scrivenar, Chris Duffy's Bluegrass Conspiracy, Robin Williamson

The Festival Of Folklife: Grand Colonial Bush Dance
Rum Culls Bush Band, Higgins Municipal Band, Sedenka, compered by Frank Canty and Mike Jackson

The Festival Of Folklife: Rebels All!
Denis Kevans, John Dengate, Phyl Lobl

The Festival Of Folklife: Shamrock And Thistle
Robin Williamson, Cathie O'Sullivan, the Celtic Dancers, Pipe and Drum, Raglan Road, Joe Heaney

The Festival Of Folklife: So You Want Blood!
Jeannie Lewis, Nathan Waks and others

The Festival Of Folklife: Troubadours And Minstrels
Early Music Duo, Laberinto, Roy Harris (UK)

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