Monday 4 February 2019

John Dengate Political Songwriting Competition, Gulgong Folk Festival, 2018 and 2019

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The winning entry was from the pen of Cilla Kinross, who almost won this event last year. Thanks to Cilla for allowing us to publish it.

Black is the Colour of Scott Morrison’s Coal
(To the tune of Black is the Colour of My True Love’s Hair)
lyrics by Cilla Kinross

Black is the colour of Scott Morrison’s coal
The slippery bastard has sold the devil his soul
Does he think we can eat it? Does he think it will grow?
I know where he can shove it, Scott Morrison’s coal

He goes to Adani, and says ‘hey, mate’
You can have half of Queensland at a very good rate
We’ll throw in a railway and a shipping port too
You just need to tell us what you want us to do

Don’t worry about them Aborigines or that pesky bird
We’ll move them away, where they cannot be heard
We'll lock up protesters, and we'll change all the laws,
To make sure all emissions are truly yours

He goes to New York where he struts the stage
But doesn’t make the summit, nothing useful to say.
Smooches up to Donald, his dinosaur mate
A pair of farting old fossils on a climate-free date.

He offers aid…… to our neighbour, Fiji
For islands going glug-glug-glug in the rising sea
‘You got wet feet, mate? Here, have some cash
Get yourself some gumboots, How good is that?’

He lets the Nationals drain the rivers dry
He prays for rain, but lets the country fry
How good is Scomo? He's as good as coal
Which is just as black as the bastard’s soul  

1985 Bush Music Festival - left to right Richard Depledge, Cierwin Jones? sitting on step, Ron and Libby Brown, Penny Davis and Roger Ilot, unknown man in front of table, Cilla Kinross and Tom Sawyer.   (Margaret Bradford photo)


One again Derek Dowding was the winner with Donald (to the tune of Patrick Gilmour's When Johnny comes marching home again)

Derek Dowding A songwriter with a difference, Derek presents a selection of his original songs ranging from satirical pieces crammed with cutting social commentary and offbeat humour as well as lilting tunes accompanying thoughtful, illustrative poetry. Side-stepping subject matter typically seen in the work of contemporary songwriters, Derek excels as a quirky wordsmith possessing an acute wit and an eye for the overtly absurd and unjust. The winner of last years John Dengate Political Satire Songwriting Competition, Derek impressed a lot of people and should be a massive hit this festival (2018 program)

Di announcing the winner

Derek receiving the goblet from
Cllr Sam Paine, Deputy Mayor of Mid-Western Regional Council.
Photos of the Festival from Mudgee Guardian
Gulgong Folk Festival
Gulgong Folk Festival on Facebook

Steel City Sue

Ross Kurtz
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