Monday 8 April 2019

Songsters in the Bush Music Club Library

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First article on highlights of the Bush Music Club Reference Library which will be available for use later in the year.

1.  John Dengate Bequest. Socialist Songs was published in 1963 according to this site

2.  John Dengate Bequest. Broadsheet King was a publisher in London which put out a series of small songbooks.

3.  Rod & Fran Shaw Bequest.
November 1956 edition.
 it includes songs that were previously published in BMC's Singabout - 
 Cane Killed Abel (words - Merv Lilley /music Chris Kempster)
Lament for the Gordons (David Martin/John Arcott)

4.  Brian Dunnett Bequest. Eureka Youth League songbook with an Introduction by Katherine Susannah Pritchard.

Eureka Youth League songbook, 2nd edition, 1950s, owned by Bushwhacker & founder Brian Loughlin & donated by his daughter Jenny Loughlin  

6. Finnigan's Wake Song Book by John Chaplin - Chris Ringstad and the S.R.C. Sydney University, undated.

7. In the 60s BMC offered Oak Publications to members. Songs of Joe Hill, published 1955, reprinted 1960

8.  2 copies, one from Rod & Fran Shaw Bequest and the other was owned by Bushwhacker & founder Brian Loughlin &
donated by his daughter Jenny Loughlin
Report on the Youth Carnival for Peace & Friendship in The Biz (Fairfield NSW) Thu 17 Jan 1952. p.6

9. Record notes for 1957 Wattle record

10. British & American songs, no Australian songs!

11.  John Dengate bequest.
2nd edition 1966

12. Reprinted March 1968
  Bob Bolton's parents were involved in the Scouting movement from the late 40s, & he & his brothers were members. Bush Music Club members, including Bob's father Ken were also involved in introducing traditional Australian music to the Scouts, with Ken introducing Scouts to the lagerphone.

13.  The Shuttle and the Cage. Industrial Folk Ballads, ed. by Ewen McColl. Workers Music Association, March 1954.

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