Sunday 6 September 2020

From the Archives - School shows with The Journeymen, Colin Douglas & Ralph Pride, 2003

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With Colin as The Journeymen - The Journeymen Show, The Voyage (of the First Fleet), Lambs, Lags and Larrikins, Colonial Bush Dance & A Wild Colonial Day.

All the shows were for 1 to 1 1/2 hours and performed up to 3 times per day often in different venues. Attendances ranged from as low as 6 at some country one-teacher schools to 400 or more at bigger schools. Ages ranged from pre-school to secondary school.

Teachers frequently said children learned more from our shows in one hour than they did from them in an entire term. I've got lots of photos, most of them were sent to us by teachers and taken during performances. The few I have showing the performers only are usually poorly focused with poor lighting etc. or surrounded by children. That's the problem with photos from live shows if you haven't got a Bob Bolton in the audience. 



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