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The Bushwhackers - Australian Bush Songs, Wattle Recordings, 1957

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Wattle was unique in many respects – it was the first Australian record label to have a major hit record on the Australian record charts; the first to make dramatised and animated films of bush ballads; the first to commercially release recordings of didgeridoo playing and Aboriginal traditional songs; the first to invent and use a portable recording desk and a synchronised film and audio tape machine and the first to have Australian bush music played on television - on ABCTV.  History of Wattle Records from The National Library catalogue
Mark Gregory's Folkstream website has a complete listing of Wattle Recordings

A Series 78s
A1 The Bushwhackers The Drover’s Dream / The Bullockies’ Ball
A2 The Bushwhackers Travelling Down the Castlereagh / Australia’s on the Wallaby
A3 The Bushwhackers Old Bullock Dray / Nine Miles from Gundagai
A4 The Bushwhackers Give a Fair Go / Rabbiter (not issued?)
A5 The Bushwhackers Botany Bay / Click Go the Shears

A11 The Bushwhackers Black Velvet Band / The Hut That’s Upside-Down

The Bushwhackers made records for Wattle Records from 1955 to 1957 and their Bush Songs helped keep the wolf from Wattle's door for a few years. Their 78 rpm recording of The Drover's Dream, with Alan Scott singing, sold 20,000 copies in 1956!    ** reference below  very scratchy video of Drover's dream  

B Series 7" 33rpm EPs

B1 The Bushwhackers   Australian Bush Songs

The following illustrations came from a small leaflet (4 1/8" x 16 3/4" unfolded, folded in four to 4 1/8" x 5 1/2") of the album notes, excluding the back cover photograph.

See Paul the Stockman's blog article (title The Bushwhackers "Australian Bush Songs" EP 1957) for a picture of the back cover and downloadable files of the 5 tracks.

** 20,000 sales 
- Keith McKenry, More than a Life - John Meredith and the fight for Australian Tradition. Dural, Rosenberg, 2014, pp.153-154


Sydney Morning Herald e-Archives, 15th July 1962   page 73


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