Saturday 26 December 2015

Extracts from Singabout - the early songwriters - Duke Tritton (1886-1965)

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The Bush Music Club published many new songs & poems in Singabout, Journal of Australian Folk Song between 1956 and 1967. This series lists the works of these writers and provides biographical information about the writers where possible. 

Tritton Hall, headquarters of the Bush Music Club, 
earliest sign by Bob Bolton,  (above)
current sign by Helen Romeo  (below)

Biography by John Meredith - Tritton, Harold Percy Croydon (1886–1965), Australian Dictionary of Biography,

Obituary was published in the Sydney Morning Herald, & also in Singabout 5(3), July 1965 - see blog article published in November 2015.

Shearing in a Bar by Duke Tritton 2(1)

Mike Martin singing Shearing in the Bar, November 2020. Mike has been a shearer so knows what he is singing about.
The Goose-Neck Spurs
by Duke Tritton (composed during 1905 shearing season)  3(3)

Ringing on Gummin
- by Duke Tritton 3(4)

The Great Northern Line
- Duke Tritton 4(4)

Wild Driver
- tune Wild Rover - by Duke Tritton 6(1)

The Sandy Hollow Line
- Duke Tritton 6(1)

Stooking Hay
by Duke Tritton (recitation) &

new verse to The Shores of Botany Bay by Duke Tritton   6(2)


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