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Extracts from Singabout - the early songwriters - John Dengate (1938-2013)

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The Bush Music Club published many new songs & poems in Singabout, Journal of Australian Folk Song between 1956 and 1967. This series lists the works of these writers and provides biographical information about the writers where possible. 

John at the Bush Music Club for the launch of his 3rd book 2012
(photo by Chris & Virginia Woodland)

Dengate Crescent, a street in the new Canberra suburb of Moncrieff, 2014
(photo Seamus Gill)

The John Dengate Collection A library of John Dengate videos, photos, words and memories
Memories of early days at the Bush Music Club by R. Dale Dengate 
Talk given at BMC's 2012 National Folk Festival Themed Workshop on BMC's First 10 years. Obituary Sydney Morning Herald, 19th August 2013
Malaysia Song by John Dengate 5(2), words, music & illustration by John.

Corrected words received from Dale, March 2016. It was always sung as a duet, usually with Dale.

Let us hasten to Malaysia at the double-oh.
Where the reds are in their millions causing trouble-oh.
Show some pride and common sense …
It’s our first line of defence,
Grab a gun and get thee hence. Another war, whacko.

You must hast to Kuala Lumpur bonny ANZAC-oh.
You can stick it up your jumper, I’m not going to go.
Red subversion’s running rife,
If Malaysia lands in strife,
Won’t you help?
Not on your life, it sounds too dangerous-oh.
Won’t you take on Indonesia bonny Aussie-oh?
No, I have a sudden seizure of the left big toe.
If Malaysia’s in a jam,
Get John Bull or Uncle Sam ...
I don’t really give a damn, it‘s not my business-oh.

Oh Sir Robert and Sir Garfield, we will follow you.
We are loyal, brave and steadfast; Queen’s men through and through.
Hesitate not to declare,
That Australia will be there,
Though it’s none of our affair, we all are so true blue.

The Peach Picker's Song
by John Dengate, first verse by his father, Norm 5(3)

Ballad of the Schooner "Eclipse" 
- John Dengate  5(4)

The Answer's Ireland
- John Dengate 6(1)

The Battle of Castle Hill
- John Dengate (tune - Maid of Fife) 6(1)

Lawson Centenary Song - John Dengate   (tune - Garten Mother's Lullaby) 6(2)


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