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Minutes of the Conference held on the 9th of February (1957), at the Esperanto Hall, Milson's Pt., Sydney.

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Minutes of the Conference held on the 9th of February, at the Esperanto Hall, Milson's Pt., Sydney, Convened by the Bush Music Club at which representatives of the Billabong Band, Victoria, Queensland Bush Music Club and the Brisbane Singers were represented. 

These Minutes were inside a damaged Minute book, containing Annual & monthly Bush Music Club minutes from April 1957 monthly meeting to March 1978 AGM.

Minutes of the Bush Music Club 24th October, 1954 to 11th March 1955

A search of the Archives might lead to the minutes between March 1955 to March 1957.

The record of the meeting before lunch is on 5 numbered narrow pages, & the afternoon proceedings are typed on 7 wider pages. Both sections were stapled together.

Unfortunately the minutes break off at the end of page 7, part of the way through an address by the Secretary of the Folk Lore Society, Mr Edgar Walters. (The final page might not have been included, or had been very carefully removed - supposition with no proof.)
Review of the Conference in Newsletter, Vol. 3(1), June 1957

The conference was not mentioned in Singabout.


Photo & letter in Stringybark & Greenhide, vol.6, no.1, (1986??)













no further pages survive, though they might be found elsewhere in the Archives.

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