Thursday 17 May 2018

Colin Fong Collection - A selection of 1980s Ball photos displayed at the 2018 Heritage Ball

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Thanks to Colin for sharing these photos & identifying participants.

 1983 Heritage Ball

1. a - Colin Fong & Jenni Shannon
b - Colin Fong & Jenni Shannon
c - 
David Westmore & Sally Levitt

a.  Sally Levett (now Yule) & Tonia Reed (now Abrahams)
b.  Tonia Reed, Sally Levett, Michelle Shannon, Jenni Shannon
c.  Colin Fong, Frank Moratti & Michelle Shannon

a. Tonia Reed & David Westmore
b. Jeni and Michelle Shannon
c.  Sally Levett & Frank Moratti

a.  Frank Moratti & LeeTaylor
b.  Lee Taylor & Colin Fong
c.  Jenny Hatton, Ildiko Lada & Lee Taylor

5.  Recovery picnic at Observatory Hill

a.  Colin Fong & Joanne Hotston
b.  Mark Wormell
c. Colin Fong & Pam Jamieson

Recovery picnic at Observatory Hill -
a.  Colin Fong
b.  Tina Mollica, Colin Fong & Mary Gava
1984 Heritage Ball, Sydney Town Hall

.  a.  Colin Fong
b. Tina Mollica, Colin Fong & Mary Gava

a.  Pam Jamieson
b.  Denis Wright, Susanna Pain & Janet Middlemiss

a. Cathy Button & Mark Wormell
b. Cathy Button & Mark Wormell

a. Isabel Parsons & Rob Tiley

11.  Recovery picnic at Observatory Hill
a.  Andrew Park, Don Richmond & Dave Cambourne
b.  Don Richmond, Susanna Pain, Margaret Conning (now Bolliger), Andrew Park, Pauline & Dave Cambourne


1985 Subscription Ball

13. Karen

a.  Colin Fong & Leanne Stewart
b.  Colin Fong & Anne Verney
a.  Alison Lee & Pauline Cambourne
b.  Scott Carlin & Pauline Cambourne
c.  Scott Carline, Judy Bertolin (now Stuart), Colin Fong & Pauline Cambourne

16.  The Australian Heritage Dancers


1989 12th Annual Colonial Subscription Ball

17.  Concertina Band

back -
  Greg Wilson, Kingsley Forbes-Smith,
Wayne Richmond
front - Beth Cambridge, Margot Hayward (nee McGrath),  Rosemary Forbes-Smith, Helen Brain (now Romeo)

18.  a.  Karen Hartas & Colin Fong
b.  Jill …. & Colin Fong

19.  a.  Colin Fong & Jill …
b. Janice Potten, Pat Burnett, Linda Scott & Phillip Grove

20. Programme & dance card

21. Programme & dance card
Midwinter Ball, St Brendans, Annandale, presented by 
Frank Carty, Band - Reel Tradition, Sat 30th June (1990?)

Ildiko Lada, Jenny Hatton, Colin Fong & Frank Moratti

a.  Mark Wormell,& Isabel Parsons
b. Keith Reddy, Mark Wormell, Ildiko Lada & Colin Fong
c.  Isabel Parsons & Mark Wormell

24.  a. Colin Fong, …… & Bronwyn Hutchinson
b. Catherine Parr
c. Keith Reddy, Cathy Button, Mark Wormell & Colin Fong

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