Saturday 12 May 2018

Vale - Laurel Prince 19.11.1926 - 7.4.1018

Laurel Prince interviewed by Alex and Annette Hood in the Alex Hood folklore collection [sound recording] - National Library of Australia Oral History Collection

email from Annette Hood

I’ve know her since I was 14 years old and she was my neighbour at Turramurra, I babysat all her children and she became a beautiful and influential friend. Our family was close and she was always interested in what we did, she was always full of laughter and joy. I spent many happy hours chatting with her and she is the person that introduced me to Margaret Barr, taking me to my first show when I was 15 years old at NSW University where I first saw the wonderful show on Vietnam which opened my eyes to politics and social issues and also to other humorous works, e.g. Melbourne Cup, I was entranced. 

We use to dance together in her lounge room, me with my Classical ballet steps and Laurel with her free and bold steps, again I became hooked to the free impulsive movements of modern dance and later to my 14 years dancing  and involvement with Margaret Barr. 

I have always kept up my contact with Laurel, her strength, commitment, advocacy and voice working for the disadvantaged. Her personality always sparkled and you were always left with positive thoughts and ideas. 

Alex and myself were lucky enough to interview her for The National Library Oral History so her life story is there for anyone interested to hear.  I’m truly saddened by her passing and wish to send my condolences to all the family and friends, she’ll be missed by them all.

With love Annette Hood and Alex Hood and The James Family

Laurel Prince, Peter Bonner, Alison Pitt, Jaan Boersma and Colin Fong at Hunter's Hill sesquicentenary. (Colin Fong collection)

Australian Heritage Dancers at the Opera House  (Colin Fong collection)


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