Sunday 9 September 2018

Found on TROVE - Part 5 - The Bicycle craze

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Latest discoveries of Mark Gregory as posted on Australian Folk Songs, which was born in November 1994 (when it became one among only 10,000 websites in the whole wide world!) and now contains a total of 953 songs & poems almost entirely through recent discoveries of original material that was published in 218 different Australian newspaper titles which are now digitised - through the National Library of Australia TROVE Project

Click on the newspaper title for the original page which also contains an OCR scan of the text.

Bicycle song (1896) The Geelong Advertiser


Bicycle Song (1897) The Goulburn Herald


 A Bicycle Song (1898) The Maitland Daily Mercury


A Bicycle Song (1900)  The Examiner (Launceston)



Ode to a Bicycle (1935)   The Nambour Chronicle

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