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Louise Murray collection - Playford & Boadicia Women's Morris

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Thanks to Lou for sharing her photos & to Mike Young for adding names of Playford dancers.
Boadicia Women's Morris, 12th September 1982

1.  Meredith, Jenny, Anne, Louise

2.  Back of no. 1

3.  Janet, Carol, ?, Meredith, Louise "Shooting"

4.  Back of no. 3

5. "Bluebells" Carol, Jill, Anne, Louise

7.  Back of no. 5.
Playford at 23rd National Folk Festival, Sutherland, Easter 1988 


8. left -
Patricia Early (blue),    Mike Waters (right)

9.  Back of 8


Playford at Blacktown

10.  Blacktown - 
Yoshi, Jaan, Maureen, Ros, Jim G, Louise, Lorraine, Mike, Patricia, Sharyn

11. Back of no. 10
Playford at Windsor, 1988



14. Back of no.13

Playford at N
ewcastle Folk Festival

15. Eric Eisler & Louise

16. Back of no. 15

17.  l to r -
Phil Baker, Errol, Bryden, Patricia

18. back of no. 17

19. Tess Mallos,
20. Back of no. 19

Playford at Picton Music Festival, Town Square, Argyle St

Lou, Mike Young, Jim Gambling, Margaret Winnett, Alex Bishop, Patricia Early

Playford at National Folk Festival, 2001?
Ros thinks the NFF performance may have been 2001. It was definitely no earlier than 2000 and I don't think it would be later than 2003 as I don't have any digital pictures of it and I got my first digital camera in 2003. I think the girl in green is probably Susie Bishop. (Mike)
Dancers - Julie & Alex Bishop & Susie Bishop, Jaan Boersma, Jim Bradman, Pat Burnett, Patricia Early, Eric Eisler, Jim Gambling, Sharyn Mattern, Louise Murray,  Lorraine Tomlinson, Yoshi, Ros & Mike Young.

Louise & JimG, Julie & Alex, Sharyn & Susie. Standing out Patricia, Yoshi, Eric

23. Ros & Mike (front), back Louise & JimG, Julie, Alex, Sharyn, Susie. Standing out Patricia, Yoshi, Eric


looks like Love 'em and Leave 'em. Not really Playford but written by a former member of the group, Noreen Grunsheit.
Yoshi, Eric, Lorraine, Jaan (top hat), JimB, Sharyn & Mike. Standing out - JimB, Lou, Susie.

26.  Lou, Yoshi, Mike, JimG, Alex, Julie, Patricia. Standing out
Pat, JimB

Eric & Patricia,
JimG & Julie, Yoshi & Mike at front,  Louise & Alex. Standing out - Pat, JimB, Lorraine, Jaan.

28. Eric, Yoshi, Patricia, Louise, Julie & Alex, Mike.  Standing out - Pat, JimB, Lorraine, Jaan

29. JimG, Julie, Lou, Patricia, Eric

30. Patricia, Lou, Yaan, JimB, Eric & Susie behind Jim, Yoshi, Sharyn (blue), Alex & Julie, Mike, Ros, JimG, Lorraine

31.  Yoshi, Yaan, Eric, Lou, Julie, Patricia, Alex, Susie, Lorraine, Jim B, Sharyn (blue, cut off)
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