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Brian & Pam Loughlin founder members

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see Life Members - information on our 25 Life Members - part 2 - Herb Gimbert, Alan Scott, Gay Scott, Brian Loughlin, Pam Loughlin
 for other pictures of Brian & Pam.

Brian was the lagerphonist with the Heathcote Bushwhackers, then The Bushwhackers, & he & Pam were foundation members of the Bush Music Club. Brian died in 1974 & Pam in 1978.

The first meeting of the Bush Music Club on 14th October 1954 had 15 attendees with Brian in the chair. The second only 3 (apologies were given due to teething babies & union meetings!)  A committee was elected at the 3rd meeting & Brian was elected Chairman, a position he held until 1955, when the title became President, & he continued in that position until 1958. 

In 1962 when Pam was President, he was part of the editorial team. 

In 1963 Pam was Assistant Secretary, in 1965 & 66 she was Treasurer. Brian was Assistant editor in 1965. 

Pam designed our original badge in 1961 (announcement at 1961 AGM, photo courtesy Chris Woodland)

Mulga Wire,  no. 97, June 93, p.8

Brian in Reedy River 1953/54 (BMC archives)


Jan Jones's 21st birthday - John Meredith, Jan, Pam & Brian Loughlin, Alan Scott, Gay Terry (P019 in the "P" series of photos, BMC Archives)

Pam Loughlin, John Meredith & 2 unidentified women looking for aboriginal carvings in Kuringai Chase, 1950. Photo taken by Pam's nephew Ron Nixon (BMC Archives, photo courtesy of Ron Nixon)

August 1975 Newsletter.

Reedy River Bushmen - John Burch, Jamie Carlin, Barry Collerson, Brian Loughlin, Frank Maher wearing Fred Sloane's hat  (BMC Archives, photo courtesy of John Burch)

Proposed memorial to Brian, scanned from a copy held in BMC Library
email from Rob Willis, 23rd May 2019
based on my interviews with Jenny ... The monograph on Brian was never published because of Steve's death and there are recordings to go with it. John (Meredith) mentioned Brian in several of the interviews I did with him on field trips, these are in NLA collection but not catalogued.



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