Tuesday 24 November 2020

Life Members - information on our 25 Life Members - part 2 - Herb Gimbert, Alan Scott, Gay Scott, Brian Loughlin, Pam Loughlin

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Foundation Member John Meredith, unveils new Life Members' Board before launching his new book Duke of the Outback at the Bush Music Festival Oct 1983
Herb Gimbert (1888-1973)

Mulga Wire, 26, August 1981, p. 6-7

Folkloric recording: Herb Gimbert plays tin whistle, mouth organ and Jeff Young recites and sings, at a house party /​ recorded by Alan Scott

Herb on accordion 1959 (BMC Archives)
Irish musicians recording, Herb Gimbert plays mouth organ, Bill Tovey interviewed by Chris Woodland and Colin Webb in the Chris Woodland folklore collection [sound recording] Herb Gimbert plays tin whistle, mouth organ and Jeff Young recites and sings, at a house party in Surry Hills, N.S.W. in 1955. extract - Herb Gimbert playing two tin whistles at once: Valley of the Moon; Sweet Kat
Margaret Stapleton, Keith Stapleton, Mrs Smeed, Herb Gimbert, Joy Durst, Mrs Parker and Mrs Sprike perform for the John Meredith folklore field recordings, 1953-1961 [sound recording]

Memories of Herb from Noel Ricketts member of Concert Party in the 60s - Herb was knocked by a car & walked home where he made a shanghai & potted passing cars!  (conversation 20th May, 2020)

Information about Herb from Dengate papers (BMC Archives)
Herb Gimbert, Jeff Young, John Meredith, Mrs Sprike and Mrs Parker perform in the Alan Scott folklore collection [sound recording]

Herb on whistle 1959 (BMC Archives)
Under the Coolibah tree, 1956 New Theatre Herb was in the cast of New Theatre's 1956 production of Under the Coolibah tree An Australian musical by Dick Diamond. The play is based on Australian traditional folk and contemporary music, and the history of the paddle steamers of the Murray and Darling waterways.

(Concert group, Singabout, 5(2), 1964)

Alan Scott (1930 - 1995) - a member of The Bushwhackers and foundation member, made a Life Member at 1965 AGM.    The Bushwhackers by Alan Scott - 3-part article originally published in Mulga Wire December 1981, February & April 1981

Photograph by John Meredith, published in Real Folk (BMC Archives)

Photograph of Alan & Keith McKenry by John Meredith,
used for their 2nd CD, Time is a Tempest 


Drawing done by Ron Edwards several days before Alan's death 

Gay & Alan Scott (Scott family archives)

Bill Scot's talk about his parents - NFF 2012
Gay Scott (1930 - 2013) - Foundation member (Newsletter, May 1969, page.1)
, made a Life Member at 1965 AGM.

Brian Loughlin (1925-1975) - a member of the Bushwhackers and foundation member, made a Life Member at 1965 AGM.

Shearers band, c.1958 (BMC Archives)

Brian Loughlin washing up after lunch at Camp Eureka, 1950s. (Photo © Ron Nixon, Pam's nephew, used with permission)

Brian recording information about Aboriginal carvings for an article he & John Meredith wrote for Walkabout, in the early 50s. (Photo © Ron Nixon, used with permission)

Brian & Pam's daughter Jenny at 2017 National Folk Festival - Ann Maher, Jenny Loughlin, Chris Woodland, Sandra Nixon, Frank Maher   (photo Virginia Woodland)
Pam Loughlin - foundation member
, made a Life Member at 1965 AGM.

P019 - Jan Jones's 21st birthday, Merro, Jan, Pam & Brian Loughlin, Alan Scott, Gay Terry

Heathcote Dance Group and Bushwhackers. Back Row - unknown man, John Meredith, Jack Barrie, Brian Loughlin, Harry Kay?, Pam is in front of John Meredith (photo supplied by Jenny Loughlin) 

Pam in the 50s (Ron Nixon collection)

Vale Pam Loughlin,  Mulga Wire no.6, April 1978, p.7

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