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Singabout - Journal of Australian Folksong, Volume 6(2), 1967 - final issue

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1.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 

2.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 - EDITORIAL by Harry Glendinning.  CONTENTS  


3.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 - LAWSON CENTENARY SONG by John Dengate.  Air;  Free rendition of Gartan Mother's lullaby (Irish)  The BUSH MUSIC CLUB Concert Party is still in keen demand. A return visit to Bathurst is in the offing, as well as a return to Gulgong on the Anniversary Day week-end in January, also a tentative booking for Tuena and a repeat engagement at Engadine. 

4.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 - EURUNDEREE CREEK. In memory of Henry Lawson, and collected from Duke Tritton about '64 by Janet Wakefield. Tom Byrnes, Mudgee

5.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 -  IRISH STREET BALLADS (contributed by J. Carlin.  Recently I purchased a copy of Colm O'Lochlainne's Irish Strteet ballads. This fine collection, first published in 1935, is now available again and is published by Corinth Books Inc (USA)  ...  GOOD NEWS FOR TIN WHISTLE PLAYERS.  Ad for Lamberti Bros, North Melbourne  (Jamie Carlin)

6.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 - POEMS IN MUSIC.  RECORD REVIEW. The most recent of the Bush Music Club's achievements - - celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Henry Lawson in Poems in Music by Festival, Mono FL-32, 282, and stereo SFL-932, 282 - - is truly remarkable ... Harry Glendinning 

 7.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 - CONCERT PARTY. 1967  Busy year for Bush Music Club. We visited Gulgong in the heart of Henry Lawson country  ... June by reason of the centenary of Henry Lawson's birthday, was very busy. The party appeared twice on ABC television in This Day Tonight singing songs featured on the Lawson record ...  Sydney Waratah Spring Festival ...  Bathurst Gold Rush Celebrations ... John Dengate.   Every Tuesday night is workshop night ...

8.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 - ANOTHER FALL OF RAIN Tune collected by John Meredith from Leo Dixon, Balmain.

 9.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 - WHAT'S HAPPENING? At going to press, the National Song Competition is still sub-judice ... 
Hello, PERTH! Perth Bush Music Club sent us the song THE TRUTH OF THE STORY. Glad to hear from you and hope you will maintain regular contact.
Hello, NEWCASTLE!  ... Purple Parrot Folk club 
Hello, SYDNEY FOLK SONG FESTIVAL COMMITTEE! ... congratulations for being big enough to organise the Festival. 
Hello, NORTHERN FOLK! ... published by the Cairns Folk and Jazz Club, and the Townsville Folk Club ...
Hello, WILD COLONIAL DAYS SOCIETY!  The Society was formed for those interested in the history and Folk Lore of Australia's Wild Colonial Days, the 1851-1900 period ... We have on occasions joined forces with the WCDS ... 

10.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 - CAMERA NEWS.  Chris Woodland, our MC. A Toast to Henry Lawson

 11.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 - Harry Glendinning, co-editor of SINGABOUT. Jim Simpson of Araluen. A dance in progress. Some members of the "orchestra"

 12.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 - TOMAHAWKING FRED collected by Jack Bradshaw, the last of the bushrangers, and first published in his book THE QUIRINDI BANK ROBBERY in 1899. (Maitland, T. Dimmock, 1899) This song is also known as TOMAHAWKING FRED FROM THE BARCOO and THE BIG GUN SHEARER. The text has been adapted and set to the traditional air, Killalloo by John Meredith. 

13.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 - SINGABOUT edited and produced by Harry Glendinning and Eric Bolton. Drawings by John Dengate, Layout advised and assisted by Brian Loughlin. 

 14.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 - MY BEAUTIFUL MUFF. Recorded by John Meredith from the singing of the late Tom Gibbons aged 85, at Gulgong, NSW.  The old man usually sang this song in the parlour of his son Ted's CENTENNIAL HOTEL on a Saturday night, when all the regulars would join in the chorus. 

 15.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 - MY BEAUTIFUL MUFF (cont) 
WHAT'S HAPPENING (cont)  Hello! Australian Tradition!! ... published by Folk Lore Society of Victoria and Victorian Folk Music Club ...
Hello! CHRIS WOODLAND!!  Both the Bush Music Club and the Wild Colonial Days Society will be the losers when Chris leaves for the Murray River town of Mulwala ...

 16.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 - RECITERS CORNER. STOOKING HAY by Duke Tritton. I remember the occasion when Duke wrote these verses. At a Bush Music Club workshop about a year before his death ...   John Meredith

 17.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 -  STOOKING HAY (cont)  THE SHORES OF BOTANY.  When I first began singing The Shores of Botany Bay, Duke Tritton used to say "That's a bloody good song - but it's too short. One of these days I'll write some more." And he did. One meeting night he came up to me and shoved a scarp of paper into my hand ... here is the extra verse. Jamie Carllin

18.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 - THE TRUTH OF THE STORY. (from Perth Bush Music Club) 

19.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 - CALEDONIA reproduced from an early Bush Music Club Song Sheet. no. 2

20.  Singabout, Volume 6(2), 1967 - PUBLICATIONS - Songs of Australia.  Singabout Magazine. Authentic Australian Bush Ballads. Songs from the Bush. Bush Ballads Festival FL31, 336. Dinkey Di, Festival FL31, 326. Poems in Music FL32, 282 

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