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From the Archives - Very early members who joined between 1954 & 1959.

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Our earliest membership records are a set of 3"x5"green or blue index cards that appear to be the second set of records as the earliest renewal dates are February 1957, indicating the member joined in February 1956. The latest renewals on these cards were for 1968. The following membership records went from 1967 to 1976. 

A number of known early members do not appear in these cards, including some Committee members,  Lorna Lovell (Secretary 1957-58), though her young son, Master P Woscedlo of Balmain has a membership from 1957, Gil Small (Singabout artist from1956 & 1958 committee), Harry Kay (1958 committee), Margot Davies (1959 committee), Rod Shaw (Singabout artist 1956-67), Karen Winter (Secretary in 1956 when she invented the name Singabout according to John Meredith - reference, but not Secretary in that period, according to Jamie Carlin & Frank Maher, conversations Sept 2020)

Tom Durst and Kenna Rushbrook were at the first and second meetings, Kenna joined (rejoined?) 8/10/63.

Alex Bowker is another early member who is only found in late 1960s listings. 

In Sept. '55 it was decided to regularise club proceedings, and membership was defined at 5/- per year. Jamie Carlin

The cards are divided into 3 - Current Members, Unfinancial Members (including deceased members) and Honorary Members.

Honorary Members

Mr D Tritton - no renewal details
Sally Sloane - no renewal details
John Meredith - 8th March, renewal notice 4/2/57
Val Hennessey - no renewal details.  note on card  - Assistant Secretary typing
Herb Gimbert - no renewal details
Clem Millward - no renewal details
Alan Scott - 15th April, first renewal 4/4/57
Gay Scott  - 15th April, first renewal 4/4/57
Brian Loughlin - note on card -  Foundation member, 15th April, first  renewal 2/2/57
Pam Loughlin  - note on card - Foundation member 15th April, first renewal 17/4/58
Financial Members who joined in the 50s

Name  Address - earliest Renewal Date
Miss K Anderson, Sydney 3/8/58
Mr J Barrie, Heathcote  6/3/57   (## Jack was a Bushwhacker & a founder member yet apparently didn't formally join until March 1956 - list of founder members supplied by Alex Hood, Nov 2020)
Mr I Beck,  Paddington  17/4/58
Mr C Bennett, Rosebery 14/2/59
Mr J Carlin, Parramatta 2/2/57   (## Jamie joined within a few months of BMC starting)
Mr H Glendenning, Woolstonecroft 2/2/57
Mr J F Hilton, East Albury 20/1/59
Miss J. Jones,  Rozelle, 12.8.59
Miss N Jorgenson, (later Grunseit) Mona Vale 10/3/60
Mr F Maher, Milsons Point 24/11/58  (## Frank attended for about a year before joining but his talk at 2012 National Folk Festival gives different dates) 
Mr T & Mrs S Salisbury, Bankstown  5/6/59
Mr R Sanderson,  North Sydney  17/4/58
Mrs J Small, West Como 4/2/57
Clarence Strochnetter, Pyengana Tas  1/7/59
Mr W Taylor,  Petersham  2/2/58
Mr P Tripcony,  Brisbane 10/3/58

These names are taken from the unfinancial cards & show how widespread our membership was - NSW, Vic, Qld, WA and USA

Name  Address - earliest Renewal Date

Mrs V Barton, Roseville Chase   6/6/57
Mr Arthur Bassett,  Hurstville 3/3/59
Miss Vicki Berry,  Wahroonga  29/3/59
Mr W Berry,  Lewisham  24/11/58
Billabong Band, Frank Nickels, Thornbury Vic  9/2/57
Mr Blackmore, Paddington 17/4/58
Mrs D Booth - North Narrabeen  22/2/57
Mr C Boreham, Bundaburg Qld   23/5/58
Sgt J Brocklehurst, Bandiana Vic 1/7/59    RAEME Training Centre
Sgt J B Brown,  Bandiana Vic 1/7/59
Mr E Burnett, Eastwood  6/6/57
Sgt D H Burns, Bandiana Vic 1/7/59 
Mr P Burns, Bellata NSW 2/2/57
Mrs M. Byrnes  Petersham  1/7/59
R. Cantrill, Molong 31/10/59
Miss M Davies, Milsons Point 5/9/58
Mr A Davis, Cullenbone via Mudgee 17/4/58
Mrs P Cleary, Avoca Beach 20/5/58
Mr R K Cooper, Woollongong 5/9/58
Mr E R Cross, Windourah Qld 5/6/59
Mr R Dufty, Narrabeen 8/8/57
G L Fenning, Coolongolook 11/12/59
Peter Francis, Thornleigh, 5/9/58
D H Fraser, Ipswich Qld 22/9/58
Miss P Green, Canberra City 6/6/57
Prof J Greenway, New Jersey, USA 2/2/57
D M & B L Harsan,t Healesville Vic 1/9/59
Mrs P Hood, Lugano 2/2/57
WO2 DJ Jamieson, Bandiana Vic 5/6/59
Miss J Johnson, Canterbury GHS 8/8/57
Mrs P Lawrow, Lugarno 6/9/57
Mrs Ethel Lewis, Kingsford 31/10/59
Mr C Lisyak Sr., Eastwood 12/6/58
Mrs J. Lisyak Sr., Eastwood 6/6/57
Lithgow Bush Band, 17/4/58
Miss J Lonard,  Hornsby Heights 6/6/57
Miss S Loveback, St Kilda Vic 6/6/57
Mrs L McLean, Concord West 8/1/59
Mrs J McManus, Canley Vale 5/6/59
WO2 TP McPartlan, Bandiana Vic 1/7/59
WO1 C McNamara, Bandiana Vic 12/8/59
Mrs HJ Matherson, Carlton  12/8/59 
Mrs S Metcalf, Katoomba 23/5/58
Jules D Moore, Edgecliffe 31/10/59
Mr P O'Shaw, Padstow  3/3/59
Miss Jan Osterberg, Chatswood  3/3/59 
Miss Joanna Parke,s Castlecrag 4/3/59
Mr R Parker, Erskineville 6/9/58 
Mr L Perrett, Hornsby Heights  5/6/59 
Miss C Pearce, South Hurstville 5/9/58
Mrs G Pearce, South Hurstville 5/9/58
The Ramble-eers, (affiliation) 12/6/58  undated note - out of existence
Mr RH Ramsey, Yandanooka WA 12/8/59
LD Robertson, Leichhardt 1/9/59
Mr GJ Row, Traralgon Vic 6/9/57
Mrs P Russo, Narrabeen 6/9/57
Mr D Ryan, Broadway 17/4/58
Mr T Salisbury, Bankstown 5/6/59
Mrs J Screen, Teralba NSW 8/8/57
Mr KH Shankly, East Malvern Vic 4/3/59
Mrs F Shaw, North Narrabeen 4/3/57
Mr G Sharman, East Sydney 17/4/58
Mrs J Sinclair, 17/4/58 
Sgt JT Smith, Bandiana Vic 1/7/59
South Coast Bush Band,  c/- Mrs L Troy Austinmere 6/6/57
Mr R Spain, Granville 5/6/57
Mr MC Starling, Kirribilli 24/11/58
Sydney People's Choir, c/- Miss M Fairns Balmain 8/8/57
Mrs G Tritton, Concord West 8/1/59  (deceased)
Mr S Wakefield, Panania  2/2/57  (deceased)
Mr C Welsh,  Herne Bay NSW 8/8/57 (membership for 5 people)
Miss P Wilkinson, Hurstville 7/7/57
Miss S Wilkinson,  Hurstville 7/7/57
Master P Woscedlo, Balmain 10/3/58  (Lorna Lovell's son from her marriage to Max Woscedlo - pronounced "Sedlow" source Jamie Carlin & Frank Maher) 

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