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Elaine Thornhill Collection

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Elaine Thornhill (later Wood) was a member of Concert Party for 4 years in the 60s. There are more photos of Concert Party during that period in the Noel Ricketts collection and in the Maher collection.

I played the largerphone & sang with the Bush Music Club from late 1966 - 1970. Wonderful years with many great memories but unfortunately no photos apart from a concert group shot taken in '68 or '69 with John Dengate, Ken Greenhalgh, Eric Bolton, Jamie Carlin, Harry Glendinning, & myself.  Another lost treasure was my five minutes of fame singing 'Convict Maid' in the Sydney Town Hall during the Sydney Folk Festival. How I wish I had a video of us all performing. (email 2014)
Unfortunately we have no photos of the National Folk Festival in Sydney, January1970 

In Archives we have a photocopy of this article about the club in its 15th anniversary year, now thanks to Elaine we can see it as readers saw it in 1969.

Woman's Day - Oct 6, 1969, p.67 (Archives)

scan of original Woman's Day article - Oct 6, 1969 - p.67 - Seated on back - Dale Dengate, Jamie Carlin, unknown accordion player. Standing - Eric Bolton (banjo), Ken Greenhalgh (flute) behind Elaine & Noel Ricketts (mouth organ.)  Another photo of this parade is here with more members visible. 

Concert Party 1968 - back - Ken Greenhalgh, Elaine Thornhill, Jamie Carlin, Harry Glendinning, front - John Dengate & Eric Bolton. 

Concert Party - Frank Maher (bush bass), Eric Bolton (banjo), John Dengate (guitar), Wilma Bolton (lagerphone), Eileen Thornhill (singer), Dave Small  (guitar), Noel Ricketts (mouth organ).
front - Jamie Carlin (concertina), Ken Greenhalgh (flute).

 Largerphone stick made by John Meredith for Elaine

Ken with others playing folk. Singer Dave de Hugard behind tree.

I remember Harry Robertson well from a meal Ken and I had at his home. He had both sad and very fond memories from his whaling days. I love his songs so full of passion coming from a past time when whaling was a hard and honest job. He talked with Ken about including him in a future album but I don’t know if that eventuated. His songs came out in 1971 this is a 1980 Larrikin record. (unfortunately Harry only made 1 album.)

While the Billy Boils - one of Elaine's treasures from her days in the folk scene.

 The only time Elaine attended a Wild Colonial Days Society event, a photographer from People magazine captured the evening and it was published in the 8th May, 1968 issue, on pages 38-43

Another of Elaine's treasures -  The Sydney Herald, April 18 1831 to January 2 1832  A facsimile reproduction of the first thirty eight issues of The Sydney Herald. (Sydney 1976?) 
BE MINE, DEAR MAID. Broadside ballad. Probably published between 1840 & 1850. The four songs on this broadside were probably widely popular at the time of publication.


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