Tuesday 24 November 2020

From the Archives - Mulga Wire no. 78, April 1990 - CLUB "LIBRARY" : Selected publications available for loan to members, 1990.

1. Brought to book. This issue lets me deal with some of the literary side of the Club's activities. We let you know what lurks in the Club's library and I slip in a plug for a good book I came across recently. CLUB "LIBRARY" : Selected publications available for loan to members.  
A bang tail muster by WF Frost (not in NLA collection) ... these poems convey some of the humour and traditions that fed the Bush Music and Bush Songs we enjoy today.  (2020 Accession number  )
Breeches & Bustles. An illustrated history of clothes worn in Australia 1788-1914.  (2020 Accession number  SCA 178)
Colonial Ballads by Hugh Anderson.  (2020 Accession number  AND 019 + Rev. ed AND 026 ) 

2.  The Colonial Minstrel by High Anderson.   (2020 Accession number AND 021) 
Favourite Australian Bush Songs by Lionel Long & Graham Jenkins.  (2020 Accession number  LON 136) 
Folklife Our Living Tradition by Hugh Anderson, Gwenda Davey, Keith McKenry.    (not in Library)
I can song by Don Henderson.    (2020 Accession number  HEN 407) 
The Possum Stirs. Conference proceedings 2nd National Folklore Conference, 1986.   (2020 Accession number  HOL 485) 
Report 21st Australian National Folk Festival, Alice springs, 1987.  (not in ABS Library or National Library) 
True patriots all by Geoffrey Ingleton.   (2020 Accession number  ING 371) 
The wearing of the Green, by Bill Wannan.  (2020 Accession number  WAN 291) 
Who Wrote the Ballads? by John Manifold.  (2020 Accession number MAN 382) 

3. Magazines -
Singabout Journal of Australian Folksong, 1956-1967. 
Australian Tradition - Victorian Folk Music Club/Victorian Folk Music Club, 1964 to date
Mulga Wire (including Singabout), 1977 to date 
Cornstalk Gazette 1985 - to date (now electronic), formerly NSW Folk Federation Newsletter 1970-85 

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