Monday 16 March 2020

From the Archives - Display Boards of historical photos, Part 1.

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Over the years members have created photographic displays for different events, some are dated, others were created at unknown times. Most of the photos on the boards were taken by Bob Bolton.

From the Archives - Display Boards of historical photos, Part 2.

Display at 60th Anniversary Concert  Photos © Sandra Nixon

Blue Felted boards 

1.  40th birthday 1994; Pete Seeger's arrival in Australia1963 (BMC Archives, Ann & Frank Maher Collection) & Frank was there on bush bass; Bushwhackers at John Meredith's wake; Bob McInnis & Dave de Santi Kiama 1994;  Concert Party 2014 Individual photos © Bob Bolton
2.  Members  busking at Gulgong Folk Festival, 1969 (BMC Archives, unknown photographer);  Alan Scott's wake; Chris Kempster, John Meredith, Dale Dengate;  early members Bush Music Festival,  Alan Scott's wake.  Individual photos © Bob Bolton

Plywood boards

1.  BOARD 1 - Music

2. from top, clockwise - Ann Pidcock (guitar), Bob Bolton (whistle), unkn. (lagerphone), unkn.  (flute), unkn. (recorder), Dave Johnson (fiddle), Greg Wilson (concertina)

3. unkn. fiddler

4. unkn (guitar), unkn. (banjo), Dave Johnson (guitar), Tony Romeo? (guitar), unkn . 

5. Bob Foggin (fiddle, Pinchgut), Greg Wilson (accordion), the other Pinchgut fiddler is probably Ralph Pride

6.  Friday night workshops

7.  Hut 44?? another colourway of this wallpaper was in the kitchen.

8. Session at a Camp?


10. BOARD 2 

11.  Kids on a float



14. Swaggie facepainting

15. Cooee Koala & Bird



18.  Concert Party at Gulgong, 1959

19. Shearers Band

20.  Bushwhackers at Lawson Memorial, Sydney Domain

21.  BOARD 3




26.  BOARD 4


28.  Southern Cross


30.  John Dengate performing at a Bush Music Festival


32. Some Past Folk Music Activities in Sydney

33. Colin Dryden at Town Crier Folk Club Balmain

34. Concert Party at Leppington Scout Jamberoo

35. Declan Affley at Town Crier Folk Club Balmain

36. BMC sings Songs from Lawson in Martin Place.

37. Dutch folk dancers at BMC


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