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Online stuff to do & watch in these days of no live music or dances, & self isolation - updated - again

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Thanks to those who posted these suggestions - if you have other suggestion I can add them Additions at the bottom of the blog.

from the latest Folk Alliance Australia newsletter.

Over 30 folk festivals have been directly affected which has had a huge flow on effect into the many regional  and cultural communities. Results of folk festivals impact survey:-  (This is only the data from the 23 organisations that completed the survey)
As the impact of cancellations became a reality FAA participated in an Folk festivals Teleconference and Survey of Impact hosted by Chloe Goodyear (Woodford FF)
23 organisations completed the  survey form, from  a total of 53 opportunities (festivals or tour concerts)
In summary  the minimum financial impact asserted by these festivals is: $18,373,266 This is excluding broader economic impact (local tourism etc).
10 festivals events have been cancelled for 2020 with an economic impact on their own income of $3,347,899
If the remaining festivals/events cancel over the next 12 months, the impact would be a further  $15,025,367
Of the 23, at least 14 are under threat for 2021. We do not have data for the other 30 folk-based festivals/major events so overall impact can be extrapolated approximately as an additional 130% on top of this. The survey further indicates that artists/suppliers/staff impacted is in the region of 18,000 people. 


first of all, some cartoons for a laugh -

No need to sing Happy Birthday - here are some better suggestions - A folksong 20 second handwash


Covideo Folk Club for Facebook members

I approve or decline all posts so it makes it easier for me if you’ve read the rules. I do not like declining posts but do if I think they are not in the spirit of this Group.
The idea is to post self filmed smart phone videos (no studio produced videos) of folk club going folkies singing the songs they usually sing at their local folk club. Hopefully this will create an online club which gives some of the feel of those real world folk clubs. People posting are personally responsible for any copyright issues arising from the videos they post.
Please give title and name of writer, as you would if sing the song, playing the music in a real live folk club. For this reason YouTube videos are not allowed (please read the Group Rules). They also take you out of the Club. When it’s your turn at a sing around you would not open up your phone or tablet and play a pre-recorded YouTube video.
This is a folk club. Keep things simple. I want to approve the posts but can’t if they upset the ethos of the Group or they’re in a format I can’t view before approving.
See you all virtually at the Covideo Folk Club.❤️~~~~~~

For musicians 

Bush Music Club Slow Session tunes
Victorian Folk Music Club - 1600 tunes
Bush Traditions Wiki - tunes & more


Live streaming

Willy Nelson live streamed concert

Orchestra plays Beethoven's 9th from their homes

Together at Home   is a new series from Global Citizen to support the World Health Organisation’s efforts and to bring us all together to feel less lonely. Each day a new artist (or several!) will bring their talents live to social media — they’ll take requests, talk about their music-making process, sing some of their classics and tell you how you can take action to slow the spread of coronavirus. 


On line radio stations & programs

Folk music with Bruce Cameron on 2MCE-FM Community Radio
'Come All Ye' is a folk music radio program broadcast on 2MCE-FM each Sunday from 12 to 2pm, heard across the central west of NSW, Australia, in the cities of Bathurst (92.3 Mhz) and Orange (94.7 Mhz). 2MCE-FM is now streaming live and here's a time zone converter in case you're not on Eastern Australian time.
Bruce Cameron has hosted 'Come All Ye' since 1976, making it the longest running folk / acoustic / roots program on Australian radio still with its original presenter. 2MCE-FM was the first non-metropolitan community radio station established in Australia and currently broadcasts three folk music programs including 'Come All Ye'. 'One Of The Folk' is heard from 12 to 2pm each Saturday and 'The Connection' from 7 to 8pm each Sunday.
There are links on this page to 'Come All Ye' archived playlists going back to 1998 as well as a link to 2MCE-FM's stored podcasts.

Australian Community Radio Stations   Folk - 197 stations   Celtic -  stations   Bluegrass -10 stations    Australian stations

Mississauga, Canada,  but they get presenters and programs from other parts of Canada and indeed the world, including Melbourne. 

US - FolkAlley is a nonprofit, listener-supported internet radio service featuring folk, roots, Americana, Celtic, contemporary singer/songwriter, world, and acoustic music

Australia - Alive 90.5 fm Australian Spectrum Show. Broadcasting to Northwest Sydney at Alive 90.5 fm Listen worldwide online at  BMC Concert Party members have appeared here several times & will be doing so again later this year.

Links from Irish National Association

The Aisling Society has sent links to the following podcasts

Irish History Podcast with Fin Dwyer
Mothers of Invention
An Irishman abroad with Jarlath Regan
Irish music lessons online
Edel McBride, fiddle & lilting, On Skype or Whats App
Contact: 0421 639 862 or

Interesting blogs  In 2003 Graham Seal and Rob Willis published Verandah Music: Roots of Australian Tradition. With contributions from dozens of leading collectors and researchers, the illustrated book and its accompanying 2 CDs was hailed as a major contribution to understanding and appreciating Australia’s rich heritage of traditional music, dance and song.
Since then, Graham and Rob have continued to work together and with others on a variety of collecting, research, publishing and performance projects, around the country and beyond.  Shining a light on Australia's past with an eclectic collection of articles, pictures, family history, stories, tales, recipes, and more.


For dancers from Keith Wood

I've decided to cancel my dance workshops for the next three months, and
re-evaluate then for later sessions.
I hope you all keep well and fit throughout this period. Don't forget
that there are dance animations on the Dance Kaleidoscope web site
( if you want to refresh your
memory of various dances, or just dance along in your mind. If there's a
dance you would like added, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

From: Carrie Riseley <>
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2020 9:16 pm
Subject: [folktas] Online BalFolk event 10am Monday 23rd March
To: <>

Our BalFolk dance was cancelled, but you can join this one online. It's going out on "Facebook Live", which is a live streaming platform - you don't need to have a Facebook account to watch it (if you don't have an account, just don't listen to it when it tells you to log in).
Here is the link: The live stream will be hosted by Rachel Bell - you can see her listed as the host of the event.   

It will be beaming live from Greenfield, Massachusetts from 10am Monday Australian EDST (the Facebook event says 7pm Sunday EDT, which is the timezone of eastern North America. They are GMT-4; we are GMT+11, so 15 hours' difference). If you are unable to tune in at that time, you can view it as a recording later.

Here is Rachel's description of the event:
"This pandemic can't have our bal folk!!
Tune in on Rachel Bell's Facebook page for a social distance bal folk party! Even if you haven't encountered bal folk yet, come check it out!
with Eloise & Co.: Becky Tracy (fiddle) & Rachel Bell (accordion)

We were so sad to have to cancel the March 22 Greenfield Porch House Bal Folk, but we would really love it if you would gather with us online. Dance a bourree in your kitchen! Work on your gavotte de l'aven step! Can you dance a mazurka with your cat, perhaps? We'll be looking for your stories in real time on how you creatively adapt the dances so that you can do them in your own home, by yourself or with your family/housemate/partner, at a safe distance of course.

If you wish to make a donation as if you were coming to a real-life concert or dance, we would be grateful! Usually a live event like a dance ranges in cost from $5 to $20 per person. There's a donate button here if you wish to support this project:
If you are struggling financially, especially in the face of the current pandemic, we warmly welcome you to watch for free!

We'll play tunes for a variety of dance types, and we'll give brief reminders of the steps.

We love you all and miss you already! We need to stay connected and keep the creativity flowing in whatever ways we can! We are currently rehearsing some brand new tunes to share with you, and we hope this evening together will help to cheer us all up.

If you haven't encountered bal folk yet, we'll introduce you to it! Bal folk is European folk dancing (largely from Central France and Brittany) that's very popular across a wide demographic both across the pond and here in North America. We'll tell you and show you more about it!

Here are some samples of the sounds you'll here:"

Pete McMahon

Bush Traditions

National Film & Sound Archives

Other videos from Bush Traditions website

Interesting non folkie/music sites

I Visited 18 Countries Today, How about You?  her posts headed Things I found on the Internet Today can lead you into all kinds of fascinating & weird places & fill in a lot of time ...

Parodies from Randy Rainbow   Randy Rainbow is an American comedian, actor, singer, writer and satirist best known for his popular series of musical parodies and political spoofs, which have garnered him international acclaim.


There are lots of wonderful parodies here Coronovirus songs, including Twa Covids, a Talking Coronavirus Blues, & this one -
I am the very model of effective social distancing!
I listen to the experts on the topic of resistance-ing;

Virtual Choir: Stay With Me, dedicated to Wuhan under coronavirus lockdown
"SSAATTBB Acappella composed by Cao Guanyu, a young female composer living in the city of Wuhan. Virtual choral singing: South China Normal University Choir Lyric: Stay with me, Stay together. Stay with me, Stay stronger. Face the sun, the shadows will 'behind you. It is still the most beautiful place in my heart. Sheet music is free for choirs. Thanks for your encouraging to Wuhan & China!?"


Why Ralph McTell has updated his hit Streets of London for coronavirus era

Folk singers who have appeared on Sesame Street 


A tropical song from English folkies The Longest Johns


A second addendum


The Ballad of Dunny Roll -  Renowned bush poet S.J. Paterson presents his latest work. 

Virtual choir practice: 'Singing in dark times we can turn our voices to the light'


Penguin 'visits' Beluga whale in aquarium closed amid coronavirus crisis – video
Pocket Violin - Tim Macdonald plays a miniature pocket violin The pochette is a smaLl stringed instrument of the bowed variety

A Pommie family's story of COVID-19 isolation in song!


Mike McClellan will be Ross M Fear’s featured artist on Alive 90.5 fm Australian Spectrum Show
9pm Tuesday 7 April 2020  featuring his many hits and new recordings.

Mike McClellan is a legend of Australian modern folk, popular and country music. Mike had three Top 5 hits including “Song & Dance Man”, “The One I Love” and “The Gamble”, two gold albums of his 10 albums, DVD and with over 30 cover versions of his songs. He received an ARIA award Song of the Year, Mike hosted his own ABC TV show for three years and over his career was a popular concert and festival performer touring from around Australia to the UK.

Mike is a prolific songwriter and in recent years has recorded new albums to critical acclaim which include “No Intermission”, “Dancing In The Rain”, “If Only For A Moment” and a DVD “Live At The Basement” as well as re-issuing a double album of his hits and selections from his first seven albums as “Time And Time Again”.

Mike McClellan on the web

Follow Alive 90.5 fm Australian Spectrum Show featured guest announcements at

Listen worldwide online at

National Library of Australia - Finding and Dating Photographs 
Piece together dates and places from the many clues that family photos contain. Clothing, cars, historic events and even telegraph poles can help date an image and provide crucial information. Learn how to identify these clues and how best to search the Library's collections.

Wednesday 15 April | 1pm–2pm AEST
Online | free


NATIONAL FILM & SOUND ARCHIVE is always open on-line

Hundreds of Hours of Film and Sound
Music fans – we have online exhibitions about Johnny O'Keefe, John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes and Cold Chisel, and Archie Roach. Be inspired by the Black and Deadly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women of music. And explore the history of Australian recorded sound, from the 19th to the 21st centuries, with the Sounds of Australia

FOR SINGER/SONGWRITERS - Virtual news from SongsOnStage
This Sunday 5 April, afternoon SongsOnLine Songwriters/OpenMic, 2-5PM
(Note Daylight saving ends early that morning!)
Meeting login:
Facebook event:
If you wish to add it to your calendar, here's the ics file:
If you want  to receive his newsletter, contact him.
Russell Neal
Editor of the SongsOnStage Newsletter
SongsOnStage Event Organiser, Songwriter, Musician
Songsalive! Australia Showcase Coordinator
Please like
Friend me at
And follow me at

3rd ADDENDUM 11th April

Phyl Lobl has made downloads of her music lessons for young kids available

Gerry With A Pacemaker performing The Nasty POTUS Song about Trump, at the Blue Mts. Uke festival

From south of the border – how good are the moves from Ambulance Victoria's Mordialloc crew?!
The team was inspired by US comedian Laura Clery's latest video that combines killer dance moves, some hearty laughs and (mostly) accurate coronavirus cleaning tips!
It's all that – plus a workout – what more could you want?

Guitar playing hedgehog  ttps://

 2019 video


How the sensitive singer-songwriter was born and changed music forever


Into Your Homes Live Webcast Concert
Featuring Derek Dowding,
The Doctor's Wife,
Gleny Rae Virus and
Robbie Long.
As we grapple with the new norm which has forced the cancellation of many music concerts and events, Craic'n'Twang endeavours to keep the music alive and provide people with an "artistic stimulation package".
Please grab a glass of wine, some nibbles, set up your computer (hopefully plugged into a decent set of speakers), slip into something comfortable and get ready to be soothed and challenged with some excellent Newcastle based music. And please, feel free to message us, make requests, interact.... we will do our best to respond in an effort to maintain our connection!


Costume-themed bin outings go viral as people look for laughs during coronavirus isolation

Virtual Folk Tune Session
Join Jono from Quill and Compass on Facebook Live each Wednesday night from 6:00 pm
live concert


from Bruce Watson  -

YouTube Playlist called 30 New Songs in 30 Days. Being 3 April as I write, I have just posted my third one. The first is called The Year of Wonders, the second is Blobfish, and the third is Birrarung. There's quite a bit of variety!  Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel! 

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