Wednesday 4 August 2021

Screenshots from the 8th John Dengate Memorial Zoom Get together, August 2021

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2020 Zoom concert -  
Screenshots from the 7th John Dengate Memorial Zoom Get together, August 2020
ZOOM video - 7th Annual John Dengate Memorial Get together

You can now watch the full video of the 2021 ZOOM on YouTube via this link:

Dale, Lachlan, Sean and Family were amazed and delighted that so many gave generously of their time and talents to share time recalling John’s songs, verse and sentiments. In spite of the technology which gave us a virtual link but was not as clear as when we could all get together, it was still a special afternoon thanks to Leyne and Max Elbourne. It is so good to hear so many who continue the traditions of Australia and political satire. Stay safe and hope we can meet, one way or the other, in a year’s time.


81 of John's friends & fans gathered to sing, listen, chat & reminisce.

Thanks to Leyne for all her work & for the Videos & Lyrics - including 2 contributions omitted on the day - video of Peter Hicks’ and Geoff Francis’ Tribute to Peter Dutton & audio of No Such Thing’s Sir Terence Lewis’s Triumphal March To The Gates Of Boggo Road Jail - Queensland My Home - “It was composed by one of our group who was a serving police officer in Queensland at the time of the infamous Bjelke-Petersen government and the subsequent Fitzgerald inquiry to uncover the rampant corruption. Our police associate had the pleasure of locking up his boss who was then the police commissioner at the time. Knowing John’s talent and political views for some great parody songs, I think that could be something suitable.” (Yvonne O'Grady, NST)

1. MC Leyne Elbourne

2. Virago, Di Griffiths & Kath Morgan from Dubbo, sang John's Bare Legged Kate
3. Peter Russell sang John's Take Your Bulldozers Away

4. Chloe & Jason Roweth sang John's Bill from Erskineville

5. MC Rex Havoc recited Henry Lawson's One Hundred
and Three
, & also a poem of John's about Great Leaders!

6. Comrade Sir Big Russ with a parody Mug. He also
contributed some of his incomparable limericks
7. Illawarra Folk Festival Parody award
8. Dale Dengate, in a dark room, recited 2 of her poems
A Parody Mug Mystery & Scomo Scares me, this I know

9. Sean Dengate sang his The Things I shouldn't have said to China & Mandy recited Easter 1916 by William Butler Yates

10. Cal Dengate played California Dreaming

11. Colleen Burke recited her poems 
The Missing Link What's For dinner?

12. Evan Mathieson sang John's Queensland Policeman
13. Robin Connaughton recited his poem
The Brick & the Old Trout

14. John Warner singing Ecclesiastical Bastards, about
Bishop & Abbott leaving politics, to the tune of Dinki Di.
  Ten Quid Poms also sung John's Bill from Erskineville

15. Chris Maltby sang his latest parody, Pork Barrel
Song (
tune Travelling down the Castlereagh) lyrics

16. Margaret Bradford sang John's 
Train Trip to Guilford

17.  John Tubridy sang his 2019 Illawrra Dengate
Parody winner, Banking Royal Commission

18.  Margaret Walters sang Down in Abercrombie  Street,
a song she & John Warner wrote for Len Neary's 50th Birthday  lyrics

19. Megan Roweth recited John's No Political Songs.

20.  Seamus Gill sang Bill Scott's  Hey, Rain

21. Kate Scott played several strathspeys

22. Gene Smith sang Morton Bay & Tony also played
Moreton Bay/ Boulavogue, a good rebel tune 

23. Doug Jenner sang John's  True Dinkum Aussie

24. Kerith Power sang her 1980's composition
Dungarubba Prawn Night

25. Allan Wright sang John's Anti-Metrics

26. Margaret Fagan sang John's Song of Childhood

27. Joanna Roweth recited Twinkle, Twinkle Little Cow 

28. Daniel Kelly sang his latest composition, inspired by a 
recent space flight - When you Ride the Giant Penis in the Sky 
lyrics (to the tune of She'll be comin' round the mountain)
29. Songwriters Chris Maltby & Cathy Rytmeister
enjoying the songs

30. Jane Scott sang her winner, Slaving on a Sunday
(tune Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon lyrics

31. Lachlan Dengate sang Song for Tilly, a parody
of 500 miles, a song about a dog, watched by a dog

32. Bruce Watson sang Barnaby Joyce, to the tune of
Chattaanooga Choo Choo  lyrics 

33. Chris Clarke, disliking rap as much as he dislikes
 Trump, rapped Take the Rap, a poem about Trump - lyrics

34. Neil Rowsell sang The Covid Cruise (to the tune of Ocean Liner lyrics

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