Saturday 23 January 2016

Concert Party's Christmas party 2015

As always members gather from far & wide, the Poleson clan arrives & a good time is had by all.

Ralph Pride & Eddy Sampson who hasn't been able to visit us for a while due to health problems.

Rose Pride & Pat Bolton

John Poleson with granddaughter Emily 
3rd generation members Jack & Emily with grandfather John Poleson

Mark Poleson, Stephanie Poleson, Allen Davis, John Poleson, Bob Bolton

Bob Bellini, Gail Copley, Mark Poleson, Bob Bolton, John Poleson

Dave Moir, Simon Farrugia, Michaela Simoni, Rick Hull, Darri Adamson, Ralph Pride, Cliff Grant, Kevin Rennie, Dot Newland

Darri Adamson, Ralph Pride, Sharyn Mattern, Dot Dawson

Terry Pybus, Chris Poleson

Rick Hull, Kerry Doherty, Pete Cahill

Moira Cowie, Bob Bolton, Ralph Pride

Dave Moir, Simon Farrugia, Michaela Simoni

Pete Cahill, Doug Richardson  

Mariamma Mitchell

photos - Sandra Nixon

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