Saturday 23 January 2016

Photos from Patricia Early's collection

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Thanks to Avis Hanning for these photos

Patricia performing in a nursing home

1. Patricia in 1985

2. Patricia in 1997

3. The Guardian Festival 1992 - Left to right - unidentified man, Patricia,
unidentified woman, Donna Grove, Bill & Margaret Winnett, Phil Grove.

4. The Guardian Festival, 1992 - Donna & Phil Grove, Patricia, Bill Winnett

5. The Guardian Festival, 1992 - Phil Gorve, Bull Winnett, Patricia, Margaret Winnett. John Dengate in background.

6. MC Margaret Winnett with Playford Dancers, Blacktown - Patricia, Jim Gambling, Sharyn Mattern, Louise Murray, Jim Bradman.

7. Playford Dancers, Blacktown - Alex Bishop, Louise Murray, Jim Bradman, Patricia, Mike Young,  Sharyn Mattern, Jim Gambling, Eric Eisler.

8. Playford Dancers, Blacktown - Sharyn Mattern, Jim Bradman, Louise Murray,

9. Playford Dancers, Blacktown - Jim Gambling, Patricia, Alex BIshop, Julie Bishop, Yoshi, Eric Eisler, Louise Murray, Mike Young, Sharyn Mattern.

10. Playford Dancers, Blacktown - Bill Winnett, Alex Bishop, Jim Bradman, Patricia, Mike Young, Eric Eisler, Jim Gambling, Louise Murray, Julie Bishop.

11. Square dancers,  2002 (Wesley Centre?)

12. photo is torn on left side & damaged in top right corner, including over face

National Folk Festival, unidentified woman, Noreen Grunseit (seated), unidentified woman, Patricia, Chris Green, Alita

13. Rapper sword dance - Chris Green,
unidentified woman, Patricia, unidentified woman, Margaret Winnett

thanks to Mike Young for the names

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