Thursday 21 January 2016

Report on Concert Party @ Illawarra Folk Festival 2016

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Concert Party gigs - all members & friends were welcome

Australian Traditions Concert Songs of Reedy River, Friday - 4.45 to 5.30pm, The Odeon

Songs & Tunes workshop - Sunday 3.45 to 4.45pm, Grandstand Bar

Frank Maher, Terry Pybus, Dave Moir, Sharyn Mattern

L-R - Ralph Pride, Koen Andrews, Rick Hull, John Poleson, Chris Poleson, Terry Pybus, Dave Moir, Sharyn Mattern

Early members Frank & Ann Maher with Moira Cowie, Peter Cahill

Margaret Bradford & a
member of Environmental Encroachment - EE Marching Band - Chicago in Australia for HONK Oz festival & other gigs


 L-R - back Frank & Ann Maher, Terry Pybus, 
front - Pete Cahill, Brian Gutkin, Sean, Doug Richards, Ralph Pride, Koen Andrews

MC Steve Wilson, winner of the 2016 Dale & John Dengate Parody Cup.

Our appearance at the concert finished with The Ballad of 1891, always sung standing in the early days.


Songs & Tunes by request, Sunday

Early members

Tom Salisbury, stage management/set construction in the first production of Reedy River, 1953

Chris Woodland, MC in the 60s with Frank Maher who joined a year or so after BMC was founded, & was a member of Concert Party in the 60s.

Ann Maher, member of Concert Party in the 60s, with lagerphone used in those days

Rose Pride, member since the 60s

Ralph Pride, member since the 60s

Kerry Doherty, Dave Johnson

Ann Maher, Nancy

Sharyn Mattern, Dot Newland

Simon Farrugia & Michaela Simoni

photos - Sandra Nixon

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