Monday 11 January 2016

Duke's Place - Australian songs in concert & session with Evan Mathieson, Friday 18th March, 2016

Duke's Place - Australian songs in concert & session 
7.30 for 8pm start - evening ends 11.30

Evan was born in 1943 at Nullawarre on the coast of Victoria just to the east of Port Fairy. He spent his first 20 years on the family farm which bordered the sheer cliffs of the magnificent, infamous “Ship Wreck Coast” of southern Australia.

His great love of folk music and the history of the land and the sea, comes from these early days where the experiences of ship wrecks and the oral transmission of the local history were a part of the web of everyday life.

After his father’s sudden and untimely death, Evan headed for Melbourne and its thriving Folk Scene — vintage Traynor’s, The Green Man, Jimmy Watson’s and all, where his natural talents developed into his distinctive enthusiastic style. His open-minded approach to music saw him receptive to all genres — Traditional and Contemporary, Gospel and Blues, Jazz and Jug, with instruments or gloriously unaccompanied — his total lack of prejudice framed his ongoing musical philosophy, “There are only two kinds of music — Good and Bad!”

Moving on, guitar in Mini Moke, Evan travelled north to warmer climes, continuing to indulge his passions for music and folklore and their oral transmission. He soon settled into the young and enthusiastic folk scene of Brisbane as a solo performer. He added blues harp and autoharp to his performance repertoire. He went out of town on collecting trips meeting “grey beards” and swapping songs and stories.

Although known mainly as a solo performer, Evan is a real self-starter with a great diversity of interests that he loves to workshop — Sea Shanties, Jug Band Music, Home Brewing, Harry Robertson’s songs and poems, The Weavers’ tradition, Building and Playing the Aussieharp.

Bush Music Club
Tritton Hall
Hut 44 Addison Road Centre
142 Addison Rd, Marrickville

Map of Addison Road Centre 

Door opens 7.30 for 8pm start. Session 10.00-11.30pm
BYO songs
Cost - $10

Bring something to drink & a plate for supper

Enquiries - Sandra 9358 4886

Duke's place, named after our honoured early member Harold 'Duke' Tritton (1886-1965), is the place to go once a month for a great night of Australian songs in concert and session. Duke was a powerful singer who supplied BMC with many songs he had learnt in his younger days while working as a shearer and at other bush jobs. He was also a songwriter and poet giving us songs that have entered the tradition such as Sandy Hollow Line and Shearing in the Bar.

Photos - Evan with autoharp - Lyn Mathieson

Other photos - Sandra Nixon


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