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John Meredith - photos from the Peter Ellis Collection.

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Peter Ellis Collection, National Library Oral History collection

all quotes are taken from emails sent by Peter  

Merro at Yass, 1988 (Peter Ellis photo)

Merro & Peter Ellis at Harry McQueen's place, Castlemain, c1989  
(John Meredith photo)

Taken in Harry McQueen’s lounge in Castlemaine during an interview. Merro would have the original, it should be around, I rescued this from a local newspaper I think


Collecting trip to South Australia & Western Australia, 1991.
Merro took all pictures he had a timer on his camera on a tripod. (email from Peter 12/08/12)

First night our from Thirlemere on the WA trip - Merro & Peter at motel in Hay
with Peter's FJ Holden,1991 (John Meredith photo)

Merro & Peter on the Nullabor (John Meredith photo)

Merro & Peter on the Nullabor 1991 (John Meredith photo)

This is the famous one, he used a black and white of it in Real Folk and the National Library have that, but it was taken in colour. I drove a little way off the highway on a track towards some sand dunes (where the Great Australian Bite would have been) for effort.

Merro on the Nullabour
on the return from Perth, 1991  (Peter Ellis photo)
There’s one more I took on the main highway across the Nullabour, i.e. sealed rd. not the off road famous one. In this I’ve got Merro pointing out at the treeless nothing.

Kimba, Half Way across Australia (John Meredith photo)

This is at Kimba where we interviewed Ma Seal, the reason for our trip.  The postboard is advertising Kimbar on the Eyre Peninsula S.A. as half way across Australia between Sydney and Perth.

Cranbrook WA - Sept 1991

This one is at my father’s cousin’s Charles and Wyn Lilford place, now both deceased. Merro and I interviewed them for the National Library, details in the Merro article I sent you. The name of the farm is East Lynne, set up originally by my great uncle Frank Lilford, and it is at Cranbrook W.A.

Merro at the Bight, 1991 (Peter Ellis photo)
it says on the back (not my writing) John Meredith indicating the South Pole near the head of the Great Australian Bight. September 1991

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