Sunday 14 June 2015

Report on Bundanoon DanceFest, 2015

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The Seventh Bundanoon DanceFest was held at Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands of NSW on the Long Weekend in June 2015. It was a full weekend of social dancing, with workshops run through the day and a dance each evening.

The callers for 2015 included 11 BMC members -

Caroline Barrell, Nesa David Simon, Jude Bertolin, Mark Simmons, Anthony Simon, Daryl Powell, Tony Northey, Don  Richmond, Arthur Kingsland, Norm  Ellis, Paul Carr, Colin Towns, Margaret & Bill Winnett, Bruce Lemin, Madis and Tiina Alvre, Cathy Richmond, Helen & Tony Romeo and Keith Wood.

Keith received awards from the Traditional Social Dance Association of Victoria for entries in each section of their 2015 dance-writing competition

 1.  Norm Ellis presenting Keith his awards




5.  Colleen Patterson

6.  Don Richmond calling

7.  Lisa Simons & Don Richmond
 8.  Mike Young, Annette & Frank Moore

9.   Mike Waters & Amy Simons
 11. Alex Bishop smiling at camera
 12. back - Cathy Richmond & Amy Simons
 13. centre - Jude Bertolin & Cathy Richmond

14. Bob Smith from No Such Thing with BMC's Kerry & Claire Doherty

20. Mainly fiddles

(photos Sandra Nixon)

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