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Singabout - Journal of Australian Folksong, Volume 6 - precis of each issue

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The Bush Music Club was founded in October 1954 & published the first issue of Singabout in January 1956. This issue included notice of BMC's First Annual Conference on Saturday 11th February at the International Seaman's Club. 

The final issue published was Vol. 6, no. 2, 1967. Issue 6(3) was prepared but never printed and BMC then relied on newsletter-style publications until Mulga Wire started in 1977.

Singabout 6(1) for 1966
post from Bob Bolton on Mudcat Cafe,  04 Jan 00 - 06:00 PM ... Singabout, Journal of Australian Folksong, volume 6, number 1, 1966 (the first issue with which I was slightly involved, doing three illustrations and writing out the music to one song).

New Songs

Wild Driver - tune Wild Rover - by Duke Tritton

The Sandy Hollow Line - Duke Tritton

The Answer's Ireland - John Dengate

The Battle of Castle Hill
- John Dengate (tune - Maid of Fife)

Old Ho Chi Minh - anon  (tune - Frankie & Johnny)

Concerning a Conscript's Death in Vietnam
- anon


Collected Songs

Fine Girl You Are - collected & arranged by Seamus Ennis

Lovely Nancy - collected from Sally Sloane

Peter Clarke - collected from Mrs Gladys Scrivener

The Three Butchers - collected from Alex Angus of Gumly Gumly

- variant of The Three Butchers, supplied by Pete Seeger who learnt it from
Alan Lomax in 1939



Taxi Cab! - printed on the business card of a taxi firm in Lindesfarne, Hobart, supplied by Clarence Strochnetter, Tas


Singabout 6(2) 1967 - final issue

New Songs

Lawson Centenary Song - John Dengate   (tune - Garten Mother's Lullaby)
new verse to The Shores of Botany Bay by Duke Tritton  


Collected Songs

Eurunderee Creek
- collected from Duke Tritton

Another Fall of Rain - collected from Leo Dixon, Balmain

Tomahawking Fred - collected by Jack Bradsahw, the last of the bushrangers, & first published in his book The Quirindi Bank Robbery, 1899. Text adapted & set to traditional air, Killaroo by John Meredith

My Beautiful Muff - collected from the late Tom Gibbons, of Gulgong

The Truth of the Story (tune - Vilikins variant)

Caledonia - reproduced from an early Bush Music Club Song Sheet no. 2


Reciter's Corner

Stooking Hay by Duke Tritton



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