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Singabout - Journal of Australian Folksong, Volume 5 - precis of each issue

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The Bush Music Club was founded in October 1954 & published the first issue of Singabout in January 1956. This issue included notice of BMC's First Annual Conference on Saturday 11th February at the International Seaman's Club. 

The final issue published was Vol. 6, no. 2, 1967. Issue 6(3) was prepared but never printed and BMC then relied on newsletter-style publications until Mulga Wire started in 1977.

Publication was sometimes irregular as funds for publication relied on the money raised at Singabout nights.
Singabout 5(1) 1963

Death of Dame Mary Gilmore - on the anniversary of the Eureka Stockade

New Songs                

Hooker-Rex - written by a Sydney man


Collected Songs           

I've been a Wild Boy - collected from Sally Sloane

The Black Velvet Band
- Bushwhacker Ballad no. 8

The Old Bark Hut  (long version)

Collector's Corner
The Sailor's Lament - collected from Kevin Day, a seaman of Sydney. 
Singabout 5(2) October 1964

Ten Years of the Bush Music Club

Pete Seeger's visit to the Bush Music Club, 1963 - see blog article

New Songs                

Malaysia Song by John Dengate

The Little Sparrow - music John Meredith    words - Launcelot Harrison
Collected Songs     

The Wee One - collected from Sally Sloane

2 versions of Ten thousand Miles Away - collected from M. Marks, formerly of Leeds, UK  by Alan Scott, 2nd version collected from Mrs. Gwyneth Fry by Janet Wakefield

The Irishman's Song - learnt by Duke Tritton in 1910

Aboriginal Song - collected by Barbara Gibbons from Mr & Mrs Harold Kead and their friends, Aboriginal Settlement, Peak Hill, NSW

Dungenyul Song - collected by Barbara Gibbons from Chris Woodland who learnt it from Aboriginal friends in Bourke, NSW

The Border Fence - collected from unknown man by Glen Hamilton (tune - She wore red feathers and a hula-hula skirt)

Collector's notebook

New variation of the I'm the best/Ugly Dave tradition written by Alan Scot

Articles - 

Traditional Australian Bush Instruments, text of a lecture delivered by Alan Scott at a WEA Folk Lore Weekend, 15th July 1962

The First Few Years by Jamie Carlin




Instruction & music for The Galopede    

Singabout 5(3) July 1965


New Songs                

The Peach Picker's Song by John Dengate, first verse by his father, Norm

The land that is known as W-O-O-L-L-O-O-M-O-O-L-O-O

A Shearer's Lament
by Ma
tt O'Connor

The Wild Colonial Don - published in several University song books in the 50s' & 60s
Collected Songs     
Botany Bay collected from Mrs Scrivener

Morton's Bay  - fragment collected from Mr Ticehurst of Kogarah Bay
The Gatton Tragedy - sent to Gay Terry by her aunt Mrs I Beattie, Brisbane, Qld

Rockin' the Cradle - Irish song

Origin of The Settler's Lament by Edgar Castle

Death of Duke Tritton

Singabout 5(4) December 1965

New Songs   

Ballad of the Schooner "Eclipse"  - John Dengate 

The Outside Track  - set to music by Tony McLachlan, 2nd Prize winner in club competition for the best setting of a Lawson poem

Whaling at Carnarvon - words & music by John Joseph Jones, WA. 1962     

Collected Songs   

Flash Jack from Gundagai  - written between 1888 & 1893

Woolloomooloo - collected from Mrs S. Colley, Bathurst, NSW

Background to The Stockman's Last Bed (Singabout 4(3), p.9)


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