Thursday 18 October 2018

Extracts from Bush Music Club Newsletter (1955-1977) - Bill Frost on Slang & Chanties, December 1970

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from Dale Dengate   Bill Frost was a poet & collector. He lived in Nowra, wrote ballads about the south coast and the sea going community; he was a local historian for the area. He got in touch with the BMC while John and I were very involved in 1960-70s. Consequently he visited here and we stayed at his place with his good wife. He also performed at Kangaroo Valley a few times as he had links with the historical society there. When he tried to get his ballads published the editors said there was no call for that type of poetry anymore.

Extracts from Bush Music Club Newsletter (1955-1977) - Lyrics to song collected in 1916 by Bill Frost

Correspondence from Bill to BMC -


 We have a copy of this 1970 book of ballads A Bang Tail Muster in our library with a dedication To John from Bill. Thanks mate - an ounce of assistance is worth more than a ton of criticism. W.S. Frost July 19,1970” Presented to John Dengate by Bill Frost, 2 poems were annotated for singing by John.

Two of his articles were published in our December 1970 Newsletter, one on slang, the other on chanties (shanties).






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