Tuesday 9 October 2018

Pete Cahill's photos from 2018 Bush Traditions Gathering at Yass

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Photos ©  Pete Cahill

1.  Arthur Heckenburg & tuba (BMC) with Steve Wilson & Glenys Johnston.


Glenys Johnston from Far North Queensland with piano accordion

4. subset of No Such Thing, includes BMC members Monty, Yvonne & Kath

5.  Kerry Doherty & Ralph Pride

Lesley Ferrier, Richard Officer, Viv Armitage, Two chaps?, Jeff Brown, Chris Woodland, Sandra and Karen

7. Sue & Pete McMahon, Linda & Alan Swift (Monaro FC)


9.  BMC member Karen Fong

10.  BMC members Don Brian, Chris Maltby & Margaret Walters

11. BMC members Dave Johnson, Sean, Kerry Doherty

12.  BMC members Helen & Tony Romeo

13. Jeff Brown

14.  members Sue & Pete McMahon

15. members Brian Gutkin, Kerry Doherty

16.  Clog dancer Maryrose (Rosie) Clarke, Heather's daughter,

Thanks to Dave Johnson for extra names

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