Wednesday 17 October 2018

Report on BMC @ Bush Traditions Gathering, October 2018

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The Gathering relocated to the Hartigan Center in Yass as the Old Goulburn Brewery was not available.


(photo from Bush Traditions Gathering website)
The Hartigan Centre is named after the priest Patrick Hartigan who published poems under the name of John O'Brien - Around the Boree Log, Said Hanrahan, Come Sing Australian Songs To Me, and others.

It is attached to the Yass Catholic Church and primary school. There are a number of rooms for workshops and concerts and sessions and the adjacent Lovat Chapel is ideal as the weekend dance venue.

The two main rooms used for workshops, sessions and concerts are the Banjo Paterson Room and the John O'Brien Room identified by the posters on the doors.

Boree Log Cottage where Patrick Hartigan was born.  (Sandra Nixon photo)


1.Friday night singing session - Sharyn Mattern with mauve hair, Ralph Pride

2.  Tony romeo

3.  Don Brian (back)


5.   Tony Romeo

6.   Sea Shanties with Canberra Shanty Club

7. Following the custom established by the original Shanty Club, Redfern Shanty Club, the session finished with an onion where almost everyone gathered & sang the final shanty


9.  Saturday in the Lovet Chapel

10.  Carole & Bridget



13. Kerry's Slow Session

14.  Karen Fong

15. Linda

16. Two handed
Appalachian dulcimer


18.  BMC members Stuart Leslie & Kath O'Grady

19.  Clog dancing

Dan Kelly

21. Glenys from Far North Queensland

22. Dave Johnson showing video of Brad Tate talking about his final book


24. Helen & Tony Romeo presentation on Jim Graham, forgotten poet & friend of Henry Lawson

25. Karen Fong, Jim Graham's No.1 fan

26.  Leigh, another fan


28.   Dave & Karen

29.   Ralph's presentation on Duke Tritton

30.  Photos taken at Sandy Hollow, 1937- Duke might be standing above the horse


32.  Mudgee wattle

33.  Pete Cahill's songwriting workshop


35. Chris Woodland & Dave Johnson

36. Preparation for camp oven cookout

37.  The cooks at work

38.  The cooks acknowledged

39. The Pararazzi acknowledging the cooks


40. The diners enjoying their meal

41.  Sunday night concert - Alan, Sean, Brian, Kerry, Wayne

42.  Karen reciting

43.  Dave & Sean playing

44.  Mariamma, Pete, Brian, Sue, Pete

45.  No Such Thing - Wayne, Monty, Yvonne, Kath

46. Fiddlers Three - Wayne, Ralph, Monty


48.  Sue & Pete, Linda & Alan

49.  Don, Chris, Margaret


51.  Dance in the Chapel, Sunday


53. Ray Mulligan

54. Colin Townes

55. Poetry & songs on Monday

56.  Leigh, Helen, Tony

57.  session in the sun


59.  Singalong with Southern Cross



62. Saplings session - fiddle lesson with Dave

63.  father & son




67. Dave & Sean - advanced fiddle lesson

(Photos ©  Sandra Nixon)

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