Sunday 26 April 2015

Concert Party & other members @ 2015 National Folk Festival

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Concert Party's Songs of Stan Wakefield workshop & the world famous Waltz-a-thon were well received.

Back - Terry Pybus, Rick Hull, Sharyn Mattern, Ralph Pride, Mariamma Mitchell, Bob Foggin, Peter Cahill, Frank Maher, Gail Copely, Eric Eisler, Moira Cowie
front - Dave Moir, Chris Poleson, Cliff Grant

 Mariamma Mitchell

Bob Foggin, Allen Davis & Darri Adamson

Concertina session

Lunchtime Australian songs sessions

Dave Johnson, Tony Romeo & Bob Toohey

Chris Poleson & Tony Romeo

Frank Maher

Community Hymn Singing

Photo of my skirt as proof I was there

Chloe & Jason Roweth - Gallipoli - 5 Acres of Pretty Poor Grazing Country


Sydney Irish Ceili Dancers

Alex Hood with Franklyn B. Paverty

Beth Cambridge & the massed Morris - even tho Beth hasn't danced with Albion Fair for a couple of years since she started playing for Black Joak, she was able to join them when they needed another dancer!

Southern Cross Trawlers (Margaret Walters & Don Brian with special guest Tomas)


Late night session in the Session Bar

Shanty Session with the Redfern Shanty Club & friends

Margaret Walters

Don Brian

Don Brian & Chris Maltby

Dave de Santi


photos Sandra Nixon

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