Friday 24 April 2015

Family Bush Dance @ 2015 National Folk Festival

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A bush dance for the young and young at heart, with the emphasis on having FUN! Bring the kids & grandkids!  In keeping with the family theme, the band covers all ages of the BMC family, ranging from 7-year old Megan on bush bongos, to Frank who joined BMC in 1955, on bush bass & bones. The calling will also be shared amongst BMC's experienced and younger callers.

Bring the family, no experience necessary as all the dances will be called and walked through.

Callers - Anthony Simon & Cathy Richmond

Band - 

George Bolliger, Bob Bolton, Kerry Doherty, Steve Lockwood, Frank Maher, Chris Poleson, Samantha O'Brien, Ralph Pride, Beck Richmond, Helen Romeo, Tony Romeo.
and featuring Claire, Jenny, Maggie, Megan, Naomi & Susie

(photos - Sandra Nixon)

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