Thursday 23 April 2015

Saplings @ 2015 National Folk Festival - another success!


Saplings Bush Music workshop for young musicians 8-16 years old, beginners, intermediate & advanced - bring instruments - use ours!

Workshops - Friday, Saturday & Sunday - 11 to 12, Billy Moran Tent
Saplings performance - Monday 12.30 to 1 - The Pod

Tutors -
Dave Johnson
Steve Lockwood
Samantha O'Brien
Chris Poleson
Beck Richmond
Helen Romeo
Tony Romeo

Junior tutors -


Creators of Saplings Program - Kerry Doherty & Helen Romeo

The workshops started with the tutors playing and the young musicians joining in as they arrived. Everyone played several tunes, then the younger musicians were sorted into groups & left the tent with their tutors to work at their own level. They returned for the last 10 minutes and played & sang together.

On Monday the Saplings 30 minute performance was well received. 

The workshop begins ...

Advanced class

Workshop finale

Percussion session

First lagerphone lesson

First spoons lesson

Concert in The Pod, Monday

The concert finished with 2 songs - Patsy Fagan & Songs of Australia

Taking a bow


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