Thursday 13 February 2020

Articles from Mark Gregory's Australian Folk Songs - a selection

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Australian Folk Songs ... on the web since 1994  A research collection for the study of Australian vernacular songs and poems with words, music and information about each lyrical composition.
A comprehesive bibliography and discography and 93 articles about Australian folk songs and the Folk Revival.
This site is old in web years, it was born in November 1994 (when it became one among only 10,000 websites in the whole wide world!) and has grown online ever since.
Starting from 101 Songs in 1994, it has now expanded to a total of 1103 Songs and Poems almost entirely through recent discoveries of original material that was published in 231 different Australian newspaper titles which are now digitised - through the National Library of Australia TROVE Project.

There are 9 articles about Mark's TROVE discoveries on this blog 

Songs The Pioneers Sang (1954) Catholic Weekly 11 February 1954 pp. 12-13. Lonely, and in the midst of hardship, convict and free settler set their troubles to music

Tex Morton meets Banjo Paterson: Becomes a folk song collector

Folklore on the Internet the search for the Female Rambling Sailor, by Mark Gregory
"Trade Union Shears" from The Worker, November 10th, 1894

Doings of Frank Gardiner (1862) - Goulburn Herald Wednesday 30 April 1862 - Editorial
A Familiar Air - Peter Parkhill shares some insights about the place of music in a multicultural Australian context and about the recordings of performances and interviews which he donated to the National Library's Oral History Collection in 1986

The Irish Ballad in the Australian Bush (1946) by Rev. Percy Jones

The <Amazing > Digital Tradition - 1995 Folk Music Database  Since 1996 it has been part of the Mudcat Cafe -

 Percy Grainger and Australian Folk Song (1906), From the Australasian, Saturday 10 February 1906 p. 26.


More Than a Life John Meredith and the Fight for Australian Tradition, review by Tony Smith [Trad & Now]

Warrior Women and Popular Balladry, 1650-1850 by Dianne Dugaw, Review by Mark Gregory

Don Henderson Song Book "A Quiet Century" review by Mark Gregory

Trains of Treasure  Poems Songs and Music of the Railways, Review by Mark Gregory

Reedy River Review (1954) From the Sydney newspaper Le Courrier Australien, Friday 26 February 1954 p. 5. As the traditional press was not mentioning this play put on by those commos at the New Theatre, it was only word of mouth, & an occasional review elsewhere that filled the theatre.


Obituary: Shirley Andrews, OAM by Lucy Stockdale

Edgar Waters, 1925-2008 by Mark Gregory

Peter Hamilton 1924-2008, Tribute to a pioneer by Mark Gregory

Bert Lloyd Tribute - Cecil Sharp House 15 November 2008, From Martyn Wyndham-Read (27 November 2008)

DECLAN AFFLEY – A rake and rambling man by Colleen Z. Burke

(Photo © Bob Bolton 1972)

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