Sunday 16 February 2020

Colin Dryden

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Undated 10x8 photo of concert at Balmain's Town Crier Folk Club, © Bob Bolton, since dated to 29th October 1971, the night before Bob went to Carcoar Ben Hall Festival.

Bob Bolton Collection - List of Bob's early 70's negative files that were given to the National Library in 2014
Film 145, 711029, Town Crier Folk Club - 
Films 146-148 711031, Ben Hall Festival, Carcoar 

Bob Bolton Collection - 711031, Film A - Ben Hall Festival Carcoar, 30th-31st October 1971

Original caption - L-R Colin Dryden, Derek Chetwin, Maureen McCumsky, Bernard Boland, ?, Declan Affley .  
Stamp RLB Robert L. Bolton Photographer. Please credit Photograph by R. L. Bolton

Corrected caption, thanks to Ronda Mawer, Daniel Kelly & Margaret Walters.

Colin Dryden, Derrick Chetwin, u
nk woman at mike, Maureen Cummuskey, Bernard Bolan, Maggie Murphy, Declan Affley

The songs of Colin Dryden, research & recordings from Daniel Kelly.

Folklounge (Daniel Kelly Music)  Discussing Ballads, Folk Music and Life in General.

Daniel's Factory Lad Project  
I plan to use this blog series to catalogue my research into the music and life of Colin Dryden and document the process of putting together an album of the songs and tunes that he wrote and sung ...
With the publication of ‘A Factory Lad: The Songs of Colin Dryden’, this phase, at least, of my research into Colin has come to an end. You can listen to the full album for free on YouTube, and it is also available on most digital streaming platforms.


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