Sunday 2 February 2020

Report on Dale & John Dengate Parody Competition, Illawarra Folk Festival, January 2020

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The winner was 2-time Gulgong Dengate Parody competition winner, Derek Dowding with Scomo which was based on Moscow by Dschinghis Khan (aka Genghis Khan) who achieved one hit wonder status downunder when Moscow (originally in German and under the title Moskau) became a #1 hit around the time of the Russian Olympics in 1980.

Scomo on Youtube

Photos © Sandra Nixon

1. the audience strolls in ...

2. MC Alan Musgrove

3. Peter Hicks

4. Derek Dowding

5. Clark Gormley

6. Full house

7. Dave Moir

8. Matthew Clarke with MC Alan Musgrove

9. Miguel Heatwole & members of Ecopella

10. Pauline who is a much better dancer than Scotty from Marketing

11. Steve Wilson


13. Paul Spencer

14. Russell Churcher


16. Brian Bell

17. Joanna Roweth

18. MC introducing the judge

19. Judge Lachlan Dengate announcing the winner

20. Judge congratulating the winner

21. Judge & winner

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