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Extracts from Singabout - Folk Song weekend, WEA, June 1962

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Poster from Maher collection
Report on the weekend from
Singabout 5(1), January 1963, pp.10-11

Friday night - Have we a folk culture? Panel discussion with Edgar Waters, Clement Hosking & John Thompson.
Saturday morning - Seminar on collecting Australian Bush Songs with Mary-Jean Officer
Saturday afternoon - A Historical and Social Analysis of Australian Bush Songs with Dr Russel Ward
Saturday night - Concert of Bush Songs (which was attended by 300, students & members of the public) 
Sunday morning - Seminar on Presentation and Preservation of Traditional Material - Peter Hamilton & others

Sunday Afternoon - An examination of Traditional Instruments with Alan Scott.
Sunday night - Is the Tradition Dead with Edgar Waters.
... concert of Folk Songs was the most popular item, drawing a crowd of approximately 300 ... The Club sent 2 delegates Rex Whalan and Jamie Carlin ... The editor wishes to thank Frank Moorehouse, Jamie Carlin and Rex Whalan for making their notes available for this article to supplement hers. 

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