Friday 28 August 2020

Australian Song Index by Hugh Anderson

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1.   Cover - Australian Song Index Hugh Anderson. Being a list of 375 Bush Ballads that have been published between the days of transportation & 1956. The Black Bull Chapbooks No.7

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3.  Title page - The Black Bull Chapbooks. Australian Song Index 1828-1956 by Hugh Anderson. Decorations by Ron Edwards. The Rams Skull Press, Ferntree Gully, 1957.

4.  Using This Index   This index to certain printed materials, containing what may be referred to as Australian songs, grew out of the rough notes used by the author in compiling Colonial Ballads (1955). When reviewing that book it became common to ask for more detailed references; they are given here. The purpose of the index is to assist interested persons in searching out information about any particular song they want. In scope it is limited to printed texts, whether in collections of bush songs, books of reminiscence and history, or even in some cases, more ephemeral publications.
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