Thursday 6 August 2020

From the Archives - Publicity in the early days as revealed in the c.1958-66 mailing list

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A selection of pages from Mailing List book - 

1. Bush Music Club Mailing List , c.1958-66

2.  Posters etc - send several copies to organisations. 
"Austro-Asian Compass", Casula.  Glenfield farm - see History - James Leacock, owner 1920-1974 ... His idealism embraced many interests, ranging from organic farming to Aboriginal rights. He undertook many activities on the farm property which made Glenfield a meeting place for groups concerned for Australian and international justice and many humanitarian issues.

3.  Adelaide Bush Music Club.  Australian Council for Child Advancement (see address for Chris Kempster)

4.  Australian Society of Authors (est. 1963)

5.  WEA.  Arts Council of Australia.  Australian Association for Cultural Freedom. The Australian Association for Cultural Freedom (AACF) was the Australian branch of the Congress for Cultural Freedom, an American organisation established by the CIA in 1950 as a body to combat Communism and Soviet propaganda (there were two  groups with similar sounding names in those times to confuse people - Dale Dengate 7/8/20)   Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust. Aboriginal Australian Fellowship.  The American Society.  All Nations Club.  Australasian Book Society.  Australian Trained Nurses' Association.  Australian-American Association.

6.  Australian Bushmen's Carnival Association.  Australian Film Producers Association.  Australian Outward Bound.  Australian Travel Bureau.

7. Australian-Soviet Friendship Society.       Australian National Travel Association

8.   Mrs Vera Deacon, Realist Writers Group

9.  Festival records

10.  Fellowship of Australian WritersFederated Music Clubs of Australia.    Jewish Folk Centre.

11.  New Theatre  Norwegian Seamen's Mission.

12. Parents & Citizens Federation of NSW.  Pigalle Coffee Shop, Parramatta.

13. Queensland Folk Lore Society, 

14. Paddington Arts Festival.

15.The Editor, This Week in Sydney.

16. Trade Union Publicity.

17.  Victorian Folk Music Club.

18.  United Association of Women.

19.  West Australian Bush Music Club.

20.  WEA.

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