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From the Archives - Weevils in the Flour, October 2012. A preliminary history of a song; Mark Gregory

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reproduced with Mark's permission

1. Weevils in the Flour, words:Dorothy Hewett, music: Mike Leyden

2. Dorothy Hewett based the song on her friend Vera Duncan's memories of growing up on the river during the depression.

3. First recording of the song was by Gary Shearston in 1965

4.  Gary singing Weevils in the Flour 


6. In 1963 Vera contributed an old recitation to Singabout
7. Singing Back the River - A Chapbook © Vera Duncan, Marilla North & Yarnspinners Press Collective, 2019.

8. Mary Gilmore National Literary Competition, 1957 where Dorothy Hewett & Vera Deacon won prizes for Short Stories, & 2 BMC members Dorothy Hewett & Kenna Rushbrook were mentioned for submitting "poems with promise." Mrs Vera Deacon is listed in our 1958-1966 Mailing List as the contact for the Realist Writers.
Album notes by Edgar Waters to Gary Shearston's recording of Weevils in the Flour, 1965

Some of the older generations of Australians complain that young Australians who have grown up in the affluent post-war years do not appreciate the hardships which their elders endured during the depression. Probably they do not. But this song - the words are by Dorothy Hewett, the melody by Mike Leyden - seems to have made a considerable impression on many young Australians in the folk-song audience.

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