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Singabout - Journal of Australian Folksong, Volume 2(1), April 1957

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1.  Singabout -Volume 2(1), April 1957 - Fred Holland of Mudgee

2.   Singabout -Volume 2(1), April 1957 - EDITORIAL. Sorry to keep you waiting ... 3 months late ... shortage of funds ...  OUR NEW LOOK - The cover of this and future numbers will carry a photo of an outstanding Australian folk singer or musician. This time we feature Fred Holland of Mudgee, N.S.W.  Mr Holland plays an Australian made "English" concertina, the work of J. Stanley of Bathurst, probably the only Australian maker of these instruments. Many musicians in the Mudgee district play tunes that they have learned from Fred Holland.  SINGABOUT.  Issued quarterly. Editor John Meredith. Asst Editor Alan Scott, Art Editor Gil Small, Orders & Subscriptions Gay Scott.  Published by Alan Scott.

3. Singabout -Volume 2(1), April 1957 - Shining Moon, a song for children, Words and music by Stan Wakefield.

4.  Singabout -Volume 2(1), April 1957 - Bold Jack Donahoe (bio information)

5.  Singabout -Volume 2(1), April 1957 - The Wild Colonial Boy- collected by Mr Malcolm Ellis ... much before 1903 from an old convict named Timms who was transported when eight years of age (according to his own story) and lived to become a prosperous carrier in South Western Queensland  in the 1890s ...

6. Singabout -Volume 2(1), April 1957 - Shearing in a Bar.  In addition to being a folk singer of notable talent, "Duke" Tritton has composed several songs about his own experiences.  This one was written when Duke was fencing at Goorianawa in 1906.

7.  Singabout -Volume 2(1), April 1957 - Shearing in a bar (cont)  Three more Singabout nights this year Sat 28th June, Sat 5th Oct, Sat 7th Dec, BWIU Hall.  FOLK SONGS - MUSIC - RECITATIONS - BUSH DANCES and on the Sunday following each Singabout, the Bush Music Cub Picnic.

8.  Singabout -Volume 2(1), April 1957 - NEW BOOKS.  The Overlander Songbook by R.G. Edwards  (The Rams Skull Press) review by E. Lancaster

9.  Singabout -Volume 2(1), April 1957 - Ad for Songs from Lawson.  A Collection of twelve Henry Lawson Ballads with music. Illustrated by Clem Millward.  For the classroom ... or the campfire singing. On sale at leading bookshops or from the Bush Music Club. 4/- per copy,  32/- per dozen. A BUSH MUSIC CLUB PUBLICATION.  "Duke" Tritton of Cullenbone, N.S.W. recording Shearing in a bar for Alan Scott, Assistant Editor of Singabout. "Duke" Tritton is a songwriter and folk singer, and assisted by his neighbour Arthur Davis, has been instrumental in th collecting of much of the folk songs and music of the Mudgee district. "Duke' is Vice President of the Bush Music Club.

10. Singabout -Volume 2(1), April 1957 - Best foot forward - The Quaker's wife, taught to us by a member in Narrabeen. Ad for WATTLE RECORDS.  Latest releases are from members Beth Schurr & Barbara Lisyak.

11. Singabout -Volume 2(1), April 1957 - The Ryebuck Shearer, tune supplied by Jack Luscombe of Ryde, N.S.W. words from a recitation by Ernie Sibley of Mudgee N.S.W., both were collected by John Meredith.

12. Singabout -Volume 2(1), April 1957 - Sam Griffiths

13. Singabout -Volume 2(1), April 1957 - Sam Griffiths (cont)  Collected by the editor from Mr Jack Luscombe a retired shearer who took an active part in the big strike of 1891.

14. Singabout -Volume 2(1), April 1957 - OUT OF OUR MAILBAG.  Topical songs - letter from Ross Tracie, Vic  re political songs. Myxo - Lament of the fur felt trade?, letter from Shirley Andrews, Vic.  Rats and Rabbits, letter to the editor from Jacqueline Baillie, Vic

15.  Singabout -Volume 2(1), April 1957 - HEY, Don't forget your instrument when you come to the Bush Music Club's Workshop night, every Friday night, Milsons Point

16. Singabout -Volume 2(1), April 1957 - Ad for Overland magazine. Reproduced by Business Offset Services, Sydney.

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