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From the Archives - 1985 Bush Music Festival program, posters & other ephemera

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2. Welcome to our 9th Festival and 7th consecutive Annual Bush Music Festival.

3.  Programme index.

4.  Ticket prices

5.  Friday evening - Singabout with Shearers Dream & Tom Hanson. Big Bush Dance & Sheep roast with Garabaldi Gully Bush Ensemble, Horton River band, Hard Yakker.
Sunday Night Concert - Alan Scott, Jill Stephens, Walter McCloughlin, Ruth Cotterell, Horton River Band, Dave de Hugard, John Dengate, Penny Davies, Roger Illot, Dave Johnson.

6.  Kids' activities - Face painting, Races & Colonial games, Picnic Races & Colonial games.

7.  Information Tent, Services, Sessions, Raffles

8.  Accommodation, Tucker, BMC Shop.

9.  Reunion & Book Launch - Alan Scott launches Singabout reprints & John Meredith launches Convict Girls by Ron Edwards

10.  Programme grid

11.  Exhibitions & Displays  - Wilderness Society, Australian Native Dog Training Society, Citizens for Democracy, Gay Scott, 1788-1820 Pioneer Association, Robyn Alcorn, Bush Music Club Photo Display in Hut 44, Jennifer Hollis. Brian Dunnett's railway cultural Exiibition
Ads for Matilda Prints Art Rentals, Henry Lawson Bookshop, Larrikin.

12.  Competitions - Song, Tune & Verse writing competitions, Dance writing competiton.

13.  Photos - Dave de Hugard & Dave Johnson, john Dengate, John Meredith.

14.  Workshops - The Jimmy Governor ballads - a hero who wasn't by John Meredith, Concertina Players Gathering with Malcolm Clapp, Music is everywhere under the sun - Colonial Two Step,  Free Band forum.

15. Workshops - Wilderness, Songs for Conservation & the Environment.  Songs written by BMC members with Alan Scott.   Ad for Nov & Dec Beecroft (Selectors, Ryebuck) & Nov Glebe (Southern Cross) dances

16. and more workshops.  Bushcraft - Ron Edwards.  In the Australian Working class Traditon - John Dengate, The beginners music workshop - Bob Buckley, Music for dancing - turn of the century Peter Ellis.

17.  Dance workshops - Popular Quadrilles from last Century - Shirley Andrews, Spatial concepts in dancing - Alan Philips, Best of Bush Dancing

18.  Bush Music club info - Bush dances, Beecroft & Glebe, Folkus, Monday Night Dance sessions,  Friday night workshops, Carols without slushlamps & Christmas party.

19.  Map & ad for 1986 festival.

20.  Poster removed from the wall of the Hut

21.  Mulga Wire no.49, June 1985, p.12. Festival sub-committee is meeting

22.  Mulga Wire no.49, June 1985, p.14 Ad for festival

23. Mulga Wire no.49, June 1985, p.15. Ad for festival

24. Mulga Wire, no. 50, August 1985, p.8.  Ad for festival

25. Mulga Wire no.50, August 1985. p.15 Ad for festival

26.  Mulga Wire, no.51, Oct 1985 pp.5-7.  Festival raffle

27. Mulga Wire, no.51, Oct 1985 pp 5-7, ticket prices

28. Mulga Wire, no.51, Oct 1985 pp.5-7,  Kids activities.

29.  Mulga Wire, no.51, Oct 1985, p.10. BMC shop at the Festival, Tucker & drinks available, Services

30. Mulga Wire, no.51, Oct 1985, p.15 - ad

31. Mulga Wire no.52, Dec 1985-pp.6-8. After the Festival, report by Julie Castles originally published in Newcastle Folk Club's Coaldust

32.  Mulga Wire no.52, Dec 1985-pp.6-8. Report on the Song, Tune & Verse competitions

33. Mulga Wire no.52, Dec 1985-pp.6-8. Report on the Song, Tune & Verse competitions

34. Mulga Wire, no.54, April 1986, p.13. 1985 Festival report.

35.  Mulga Wire, no.55, June 1986, p.12. Festival report

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