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From the Archives - A selection of history articles published on our blog in 2019

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Fran Shaw's songsheets
Fran & Rod Shaw were very early members, Rod was a famous artist who illustrated Singabout (1956 to 1967) & Fran, who had wanted to be a teacher, taught these songs & lectured on traditional song. Her collection contained many duplicate copies of songs.

Fran Shaw's songsheets - Part 1, Bush Music Club Song Sheets dated 1956 & 1957, & undated 

Anniversaries - Bush Music Club's 2nd Anniversary, 1956 - Fran Shaw's Song Sheets - part 2 

Fran Shaw's Songsheets, Part 3. Miscellaneous sets & papers

Fran Shaw's songsheets - Part 4. Camp Songs, Dept of Education, Phys Education Branch

Fran Shaw's songsheets - Part 5, Talks on bush music

Our 1969 banner made by Dale Dengate

50th Anniversary Reunion of The Bushwhackers, National Folk Festival 2002, part 1 - Concerts

Bushwhacker Reunion 2002 - Chris Kempster, Cecil Grievas, Alex Hood, Harry Kay, with Rob Willis playing John Meredith's musical part     (Rob Willis collection) 

50th Anniversary Reunion of The Bushwhackers, National Folk Festival 2002, part 2 - Reedy River 
First in a series of articles about our life members

Life Members - information on our 25 Life Members - part 1. Sally Sloane, Duke Tritton, Clem Millward, Val Hennessy, John Meredith


Songsters in the Bush Music Club Library


The Music of Strange Bands, by Graham Seal (reprinted from Verandah Music with permission)

The Earliest Bush Bands, by Graham Seal (reprinted from Verandah Music with permission) 

Bob Bolton Collection - Dance at Abercrombie Caves, April 1982

Ken Fairey Collection (Bush dance in the 60s)
Takings from a Singabout night, 16th May, 1965.

From the archives - extracts from Mulga Wire no. 29, February 1982 - The Country Dance by Barbara Gibbons

From the Archives - The Songs They Sang and the Dance Tunes They Played at the Old Time Bush Dances and other Material, Parts One and Two

From the 50s to the 70s members gathered together on Workshop nights to learn songs, and on Singabout nights which were fundraising concerts, held to make money for printing the next issue of Singabout.
From the Archives - Workshop nights held in the early days for learning & rehearsing songs

From the Archives - Singabout Nights in the 50s, 60s & 70s 
  Newsletter, 1(2), Dec 1955
The First Singabout Night - 3 hour program, started with dancing to Building Workers dance band.  Next Singabout night will be 11th February.

Singabout 1(1), Jan 1956 p.5

NFF 1982 - Australia since Captain Cook or look what they've done to our songs!

Bob Bolton collection - an assortment of t-shirts from Bob's screens 

60 years of the Victorian Folk Music Club (est 1959 as the Victorian Bush Music Club) as recorded in Singabout.

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